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Complete your stand up paddle instructor & SUP clinic training with ASI Trainers.

ASI have recruited the best trainers with extensive experience in stand up paddle instruction. They are stand up paddle school owners with hands experience. That means you get the very best and most relevant training. Together with ASI's trainer curriculum and training resources, you will be trained and prepared to deliver lessons with safety and knowledge.

Learn from best - ASI Trainers - the best in the industry.

Will Anido  (Australia)  L4 SUP (Flat Water) & L2 SUP (Surf) & SUP Rescue Trainer.  Highly experienced supper, trainer and lifeguard with over 20 years experience. SUP School owner, elite SUP competitor including Molokai-Oahu SUP race.  Involved in creating the worldwide SUP instructor and schools framework in 2008.  Read more..

Jessie Benson  (USA) L1SUP (Flat Water)Trainer. SUP Yoga & Fitness & L1SUP Trainer. Jessie is a qualified yoga and fitness trainer specialising in SUP. She started FloYo which combines SUP, Yoga and fitness. An experienced SUP paddler, competition SUP racer, SUP School owner. Read more..

Melinda Behumi   (Qatar)  ASI L2 SUP Flat Water Trainer & SUP Yoga Trainer. Experienced flat water paddler & Yoga teacher. Owner of large water sports company and, one of the first SUP schools in the region.  Designs & delivers a range of SUP and SUP yoga programs Read more..

Nadine Bubner (Hong Kong).  ASI L2 SUP Flat Water Trainer & SUP Yoga Trainer.   Has been the leader in providing SUP paddling, SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness in Hong Kong through her SUP School.  A Certified Yoga teacher including PreNatal, Everest Base camp yoga trek and Iron Man personal coach.  Read more…

Pete Cox (Australia) is an elite stand up paddler and SUP surfer, international team rider, SUP competition event organiser and SUP tour organiser.  Involved with design and testing of SUP boards for major brand.  A SUP school owner delivering lesson in Australia & Asia.  Read more…..

Darren Borg  (Australia)  L4 SUP (Flat Water) & L2 SUP (Surf), SUP Rescue & SUP Surf Judge Trainer. Highly experienced supper and trainer. Previous Iron Man competitor. SUP School owner. Competes in local and national races.   Involved in creating the worldwide SUP instructor and schools framework in 2008. Read more..

Leanne Bird (UK) SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness Trainer. Leanne is an experienced yoga teacher and fitness professional. A water baby since a young age, Leanne has been surfing & paddling since 2012.  She set up SUP yoga and SUP fitness activities as part of her well-being business, is a leader in teaching SUP yoga and fitness in Wales.  Read more…  

Scott Bradley (USA)  L3 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) & SUP Rescue Trainer.  Experienced supper, trainer and all round waterman.  Over 20 years experience in competing in SUP racing, SUP surfing events and surfboarding riding. Experienced ocean lifeguard.  SUP School owner and instructor. SUP competition events organiser.  Read more..

Gina Bradley  (USA) L1 SUP (Flat Water) Trainer. Gina has a background in teaching watersports and fitness.  A competent stand up paddler and SUP school owner. Her SUP school also specialises in SUP fitness and yoga.   Gina regularly competes in SUP races and has experience in assisting with organising SUP competitions and fundraisers. Read more..

Chad Brockman (USA) L2 SUP (Flat Water) Trainer.  Chad is a bonafide waterman with over 4decades of experience surfing, water­ skiing &  SUP worldwide. Owner of the first SUP Schools in Phoenix Arizona.  SUP board manufacturer & race event organiser.   Read more.

Paul Byrne (UK, Ireland)  L2 SUP  (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) & SUP Rescue Trainer. Paul is a highly qualified sports educationalist holding Diploma in Education, and an instructor in swimming, athletics, soccer, lifeguard and scuba. Supping since 2007, competes regularly to international level. SUP school owner. Read more..

Rebecca Dunning (Australia) SUP Fitness Trainer.  Has worked in the fitness industry since 2005 as personal trainer, gym operations manager, functional fit and boot camp leader.  Extensive water and surf experience, previous bodyboarding champion.  Involved in SUP and SUP fitness since 2012, delivering weekly sessions.  Read more….

Kimery Duda  (USA) L1 SUP (Flat Water) Trainer. Kimery has flat water and surf supping experience. Learned supping in Hawaii. Returned to Texas to start the first SUP school in Austin, in 2008.  Experienced adventure tour guide & instructor, trainer in wilderness first aid, lifeguarding, water safety.  Current SUP School owner. Read more…

Glenn Eldridge (UK)   L3 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) Trainer.  Glenn has achieved national, European and world recognition in surf life saving ironman and sprint kayak competitions.  He is a college lecturer in sports science and owner of Ocean Sports providing SUP, Sailing, Hawaiian Canoe and Kayak lessons, and organises SUP competitions. Read more...

Craig Fisher.   (Australia)   L3 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) & SUP Rescue Trainer. An experienced waterman and elite competitor in iron-man, lifesaving prone and paddle board sports, swimming and SUP.  Craig has a long history of SUP with his family have supped since 1940’s.  SUP competitor, event organiser and SUP school owner. Read more.

Richard Fabbri.   (UK)   L2 SUP  (Flat Water) & SUP Rescue Trainer.  Richard is an experienced SUP, watersports and fitness coach.  He holds a Human Movement Science Degree, Cross Fitness and kitesurfing qualifications and was one of the first people to SUP in the UK in 2004, is a current SUP school instructor and owner. Read more.

Adam Finer (Mexico) L2 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) Trainer. Experienced paddler and water sports athlete. Involved in a range of water sports, including kitesurfing, windsurfing, outrigger canoe, biathlon, pole volting, obstacle courses. SUP School owner.  Regularly competes in SUP events.  Read more..

Nat Gohl (Australia)  L3 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) Trainer.   Experienced supper, and trainer.  Australian medalist on the SLSA surf ski, competed in K1 kayak and   dragon boats. Involved in SUP since early days, formed local SUP club and regularly competes in SUP racing and SUP surf events.  Current SUP school owner.  Read more...

Ricardo Haverschmidt (Netherlands)  L3 SUP (Flat Water) .).  Ricardo is an elite SUP race competitor with successes in European events including the 11 City Sup Tour , regularly placing in the top 10. He is a SUP school owner, delivering SUP lessons up to elite-advanced & competition level. Experienced outdoors instructor in range of watersports.   Read more….

Chris Kenyon (UK, England)  L1 SUP  (Flat Water) & SUP Rescue Trainer.  Chris has pioneered development of the SUP scene in the Midlands England UK.  Owner of a SUP School, club advisor for SUP clubs, race and SUP surf competitor and SUP event and race organiser.  A qualified education teacher with an Honours in Drama Teaching and a love of watersports.  Read more..

Fraser Kersey (USA)  L2 SUP (Flat Water) & SUP Rescue Trainer. Fraser has been in or on the ocean his entire life through various water sports. Experienced adventure kayak guide & instructor.  Trained in collaboration with NPS emergency protocols. Kayak guide since 2004 and teaching SUP since 2010. SUP School owner. Read more...

Zoe Lee (UK) SUP Yoga Trainer.  Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor, qualified fitness trainer and 500 hour SUP Yoga Teacher. One of the first people to offer SUP Yoga sessions in the UK.  Organises yoga and SUP Yoga and retreats to various locations in UK and Europe.  Read more..

Nelson Louzeiro (Portugal)  L2 SUP (Flat Water) & SUP Rescue Trainer.  Nelson has a wealth of water and surf experience.  He was a surfing instructor and head coach for 8 years for a busy surf camp in Algarve Portugal.  He is also a coasteering instructor.  Started paddling in 2008 and owner of a SUP School offering lessons and tours in the Algarve..  Read more..

Jeff Lim (Australia) L2 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) Trainer. Holds a Bachelor of Science (Human Movement Studies and Exercise Physiology). Coached junior swimming squads, fitness advisor for the Australian Ski Team, founded an exercise science company for elite athletes.  SUP school owner. Regularly competes in SUP events.  Read more..

Melissa McManus (Australia) L2 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) Trainer.   One of the first people to set up a SUP school in Australia and an avid stand up paddler.   Regularly completes in SUP races and SUP surfing.   Involved in the local SUP club.  Is a current SUP school owner having taught SUP to thousands of people at all levels since 2009.  Read more...

Justin Mitchell (Australia) is a highly experienced waterman, stand up paddler and triathlete with advanced racing, downwind and elite SUP surf skills. SUP school instructor since 2009, with one of the first dedicated SUP schools in Australia. Competed in and won four paddleboarding championships in the USA, a fourth place in Moloka’i World Championships.  Read more..

Lynne Nagy  (USA)  L2 SUP & SUP Rescue Trainer.  Experienced SUP paddler and educator.  Owner of SUP school and a leader in developing SUP in Ohio.  Experienced educator, teacher and professor in education and outward bound experiential activities. Creator of Ultramission -  SUP outward bound education programs. Read more..

Mary Robinson (USA)  based in California, Mary has over 17 years of experience in paddle sports, in SUP, flat water kayaking and kayak surfing. She is a SUP School owner and regularly competes in SUP events across the USA.   Read more…

Charlotte Piho (Australia)  SUP Yoga Trainer.  Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor and International Yoga Teacher.  Owner of first SUP school in Austalia specialising in SUP Yoga Organises and conducts SUP yoga retreats to various locations in Australia and Cook Islands.  Read more..

Aaron Pollard (USA ASI L2 SUP Flat Water & SUP Rescue Trainer.  An experienced waterman, with a lifetime spent on the water - surfer, stand up paddler and professional lifeguard. SUP School owner  and instructor and organiser of SUP tours to other countries. Read more..

Pamela Portugal (Peru)  L2 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) Trainer.  Has been involved in SUP since its early days.  One of the first people to set up a SUP school in Peru.   She has travelled and paddled in various countries, competed in national SUP events, conducts SUP retreats and is a distributor of a range of SUP boards.  Read more...

Claudia Scalisi (Australia)  SUP Yoga Trainer.   Claudia is the Owner of Precious Breath offering SUP Yoga sessions and activities.  And has extensive experience delivering SUP Yoga sessions. She teaches styles - Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Restorative Yoga   Read more…

Ethan Sage (USA) L2 SUP (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) & SUP Rescue Trainer.  Wealth of waterman experience, from growing up in Hawaii,highly experienced supper, surfer, outrigger canoe instructor & lifeguard of 15 years. Regularly competes in surfing, stand up paddle and outrigger canoe events. SUP school owner. Read more..

Tiago Silva (Portugal)  L2 SUP  (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) & SUP Rescue Trainer.  Tiago is a SUP Surfing specialist.  Creator of Functional Paddling, a SUP fitness conditional program for beginner to elite level to improve racing and SUP surfing ability.  Qualified in Exercise Science and fitness.  SUP School owner and instructor since 2010.  Read more..

Oli Tuggey (UK, Wales)  L2 SUP  (Flat Water) & L1 SUP (Surf) & SUP Rescue Trainer. Oli is a career watersports instructor with over 18 years’ experience in a variety of disciplines and locations. Sailing and windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, surfing, powerboating, coasteering, snow kiting.  Supping since 2006 and teaching SUP since 2007.  SUP School owner.  Read more...

Matt Worley (Australia)  SUP Yoga Trainer.   Matt is an experienced surfer, stand up paddler, SUP yoga and Yoga teacher.  He has worked with renowned yoga teachers and has combined his love of yoga, SUP and watersports to teach Yoga, SUP Yoga and AcroYoga at his SUP school, retreats and festivals around the world.     Read more…