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The ASI SUP Yoga Instructor course sets the international standard for SUP Yoga.  Deliver sessions in protected waters no more than 50 metres from shore.  It covers SUP safety, SUP Yoga poses, SUP yoga business & marketing skills, with flexibility to deliver your preferred yoga  discipline. 

SUP Yoga Instructors who want to provide general SUP lessons or SUP paddling and tours, should also complete the ASI Level 1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water) course.

ASI also partners with SUP Yoga Specialists round the world. They deliver the ASI training methodolgy with their own brand.  You get the best of both worlds and the ASI International recognition.  


Conduct “Stand Up Paddle Yoga” sessions in enclosed flat water locations, no more than 50 metres from shore.

SUP Yoga locations are defined as: 

  • inland waters or coastal locations with flat water, no swell or breaking waves
  • miniminal or no wind
  • free from hazards
  • no more than 50 metres from shore
  • water depth no more than 4ft 

Career outcomes:

Stand Up Paddle Yoga Instructor

Topics covered:

  • SUP yoga safety, risk management covering weather, water, equipment and client risks and hazards
  • SUP Yoga equipment  - boards, anchoring systems, accessories
  • Yoga poses modified for SUP and onboard sessions
  • A library of SUP Yoga poses from beginner to advanced levels
  • Providing feedback and SUP Yoga technique correction
  • Yoga session plans and sequences, set up, and ready to use in your own classes.
  • Gaining and maintaining clients – SUP yoga marketing and business skills

Entry requirements:

Before enrolling, you must:

  • hold a Yoga Teacher Certificate (minimum 200 hours)
  • have completed a minimum of 40 hours on water  paddling
  • have completed a minimum of 20 hours SUP yoga
  • have basic paddling skills and be able to paddle safely, with confidence and correct technique in enclosed flat water locations.
  • understand English equivalent to IELTS 6

VIDEO - ASI Forward Paddle Stroke

What we provide:

ASI SUP Yoga Instructor manual
Access to ASI correct paddling technique video (16 mins)
ASI membership valid 12 months

Certificate issued:

ASI Level 1 Stand Up Paddle Yoga Instructor certificate
(valid for 12 months from date of workshop)

Delivery Options

The ASI SUP Yoga Instructor course can be completed by:

  • Attending a workshop

Delivery option - Workshop:

Workshop course requirements:

To receive your ASI SUP Yoga Instructor certificate you need to:

At the workshop:

  • Complete workshop theory assessments.
  • Demonstrate SUP Yoga lesson delivery and safely perform SUP yoga poses

After the workshop:

  • Complete 10 hours assisting in SUP Yoga instruction at an ASI accredited or other approved SUP school.  (Exemption: recognition of previous experience can be provided)
  • Submit paddling video demonstrating basic correct paddling technique (free assessment)

​Before or after the workshop:

    Note: You can enrol in the ASI Rescue and ASI SUP Wise courses at the same time as completing this SUP Yoga Instructor course.

    Demonstrating competency:
    If you are not able to demonstrate ability to safely perform SUP Yoga poses, you can resubmit additional video for assessment for free. 


    Workshop: 2 days  (16 hours)
    plus post workshop practical hours work experience
    You have 12 months from date of workshop to complete all course requirements.

    Bring to workshop:

    SUP clothing
    Suitable flat water SUP Yoga board to demonstrate SUP Yoga poses and basic paddling.

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    Annual renewal.  See requirements


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