Level 1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water)

This course focuses exclusively on instruction - covering  instruction techniques, lesson structure, planning, managing clients safely, SUP School operations and suitable equipment, technical analysis of SUP paddling technique to identify areas of incorrect technique and how to coach to improve paddling ability.  

BONUS: A personal SUP Paddling Video Assessment with review is included in the workshop, so you can assess your own paddling technique.

All new SUP Instructors also complete the:

You can enrol in these courses at the same time as completing this Level 1 course.

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 Course Information


Deliver and plan stand up paddle sessions and instruct and assess technical skills for enclosed flat water locations.


Enclosed Flat Water locations are inland waterways and bodies of water including creeks, rivers, lakes, lagoons, estuaries, canals that are no wider than 1 km, with no swell or breaking waves

Career outcomes:

Stand Up Paddle instructor in the SUP or outdoor recreation industry.
Industry job roles that require SUP knowledge (e.g. marketing, sales, retail)

Topics covered:

  • The role of the SUP instructor
  • Identifying laws and regulations that apply to conducting SUP lessons
  • Identifying enclosed flat water SUP lesson risks and hazards
  • Emergency processes and response
  • Logistics and how to plan enclosed flat water SUP sessions
  • Suitable boards, equipment and resources
  • Communication skills for the SUP environment
  • Instruction and coaching methods
  • Creating lesson plans
  • Technical SUP paddling skills for enclosed flat waters
  • Assessing SUP technique and providing feedback
  • Evaluating SUP sessions  
  • Minimising environmental impacts (social & natural)

Entry requirements:

Before starting this course, you must:

  • have enclosed flat water paddling skills and be able to paddle safely, with confidence and correct technique.
  • able to understand English (equivalent to IELTS 6)

ASI Correct Paddling Technique

Course requirements:

To receive your ASI Level 1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water) certificate you need to:

Note: You can enrol in the ASI Rescue and ASI SUP Wise courses at the same time as completing this Level 1 course.

Demonstrating competency:
If you are not able to demonstrate competent enclosed flat water paddling skills at the workshop, one additional video assessment can be submitted for free.    

Completion:   You have 12 months from date of workshop to complete all course requirements.


Workshop: 2 days
Plus post workshop assessment & practical hours work experience

What we provide:

Level 1 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water) Training Manual
SUP Instruction Logbook
ASI Instructor T-shirt
ASI membership valid for 12 months

Bring to workshop:

SUP clothing and suitable SUP board to demonstrate enclosed flat water paddling skills.

Certificate issued:

ASI Level 1 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water) Certificate
(valid for 12 months from the date you attended the workshop)

Additional certificate  issued:

ASI also issues education department approved training certificates.  These do not expire.

ASI is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with authority to issue NRT certificates.  The following certificate is issued to students undertaking training in Australia.
Australian Department of Education. Registered Training Organisation RTO ID 91496

Statement of Attainment in Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation (SIS40313)
for units of competency:
TAEDEL401A Plan, organise and deliver group based learning
SISOODR302A Plan outdoor recreation activities
SISOOPS201A Minimise environmental impact practices


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