ASI Instructor courses

ASI Instructors are trained to the highest standard in the world. They are experienced paddlers and enjoy passing the sup stoke and knowledge onto others.


 Foundation Courses - SUP Instructors

Level 1 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water)

First step working as a stand up paddle instructor. Instruct in enclosed flat water locations.

Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Exposed Waters)

Instruct in Exposed Waters locations including sheltered ocean environments harbours and large inland bodies of water, with swell but no breaking waves.


 Speciality Stream - Instructor SUP Downwind

Level 3 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Downwind & Distance Paddling)

Instruct for distance and downwind up to 10 km, on coastal or inland bodies of water.


Speciality Stream - Instructor SUP Racing

Level 4 Master Stand Up Paddle Coach (Advanced Racing)

Coach all levels up to and including advanced water racing, competition skills and knowledge.


 Speciality Stream - Instructor SUP Surfing

Level 3 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Beginner Surf)

Instruct in surf up to 1½ feet (½ metre).

 Level 4 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Intermediate-Advanced Surf)

Instruct intermediate to advanced SUP surf skills surf up to 6 ft surf (2 metres).

Level 5 Master Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Surf)

Instruct advanced SUP surf and competition skills in surf up to 6ft (2 metres) .


Speciality Stream - Instructor - Wellness Courses

SUP Yoga Instructor

Conduct SUP Yoga sessions.

Level 1 & 2 SUP Fitness Instructor

Conduct basic SUP Fitness sessions, intermediate to advanced, with use of resistance bands.


SUP Rescue  Courses


Stand Up Paddle  Water Safety Rescue Award (Flat Water)

Perform simple rescues in SUP enclosed flat water and exposed waters locations (no breaking waves). more info


Stand Up Paddle Water Safety Rescue Award (Surf)

Perform simple rescues in the ocean in breaking waves of 1 ½ feet ( ½ metre).. more info


Other Instructor & Judging Courses

SUP Wise for Instructors Foundation Skills

Introduces new instructors to the ASI methodology for the ASI SUP Wise learn to SUP Program for enclosed flat waters.  more info


SUP Surfing Judge

Judge stand up paddle surfing competitions. more info