ASI SUP Wise - Level 3 Downwind & Distance Paddling

ASI Level 3 Downwind & Distance Paddling is the third level of stand up paddle knowledge and skills.   SUP downwinding uses special SUP boards, the ocean swells and wind to help propel you along.  It requires skill and strategy to judge the best peaks and troughs (runners) so you remain on course.


Course Information


Stand up paddle with correct technique, confidence and safety in downwind locations for distances of 10 km (6 miles) following the shore on coastal or inland bodies of water.

Location Description

Distance paddling locations are defined as wide open stretches of water such as exposed coastal waters and protected bays, lakes, lagoons. Swell size up to 4 ft, no more than 500 metres from shore.
Downwind locations are wind behind and speed greater than 15 knots and less than 20 knots.4 ft swell.  No more than 500 metres (840 ft) offshore


ASI Stand Up Paddle (Exposed Waters) skill and knowledge

Learning Outcomes

Environment & Safety

  • Identify types of wind direction and strength
  • Identify SUP hazards and self rescue techniques at 500 metres offshore
  • Demonstrate correct wipe-out in high wind conditions
  • Demonstrate correct SUP etiquette (rights of way)

Paddle Skills

  • Planning and logistics including launch and arrival points
  • Identify wave mechanics to maximize performance            
  • Catch and ride "bumps"
  • Demonstrate correct paddling technique and stance
  • Identify how to vary your stroke rate and length
  • Identify how to vary foot placement (rail steering, maximum board run, sweet spot on board, maintain momentum )

Equipment & Clothing

  • Choose suitable board and equipment
  • Choose suitable clothing (wind chill factor)

Norminal Duration

Approx. 14-20 hours
to gain the above skills and knowledge


ASI SUP Wise Course Formats

Fun and practical hands on course, comes with all equipment provided, your own ASI logbook with reference information and SUP paddling log pages and a Certificate of Participation at completion.

SUP Wise-Starter

Introduction  session.  Experience stand up paddling downwinding.  4 hours.

SUP Wise-Cruiser

Paddle confidently with correct technique and safety, negotiate swells, catch runners, understand SUP location hazards, weather and water conditions and logistics. Gain your SUP Participation certificate. 3-8 sessions (3 hrs each session)

Whats included

  • All SUP gear – board, paddle, leash
  • SUP clothing – rashshirts, wetsuits (optional)
  • ASI Learn to SUP Downwind & Distance Paddling Logbook 
  • ASI Stand Up Paddle Downwind & Distance Paddling Participation Certificate

Dates and Bookings

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