Managing a SUP Club

SUP clubs are an excellent way to get people out on the water and into the sport. This course is designed to support you in starting and running a SUP club and how to plan SUP flat water races.

There are a number of supporting documents that are included within this course to help you achieve your goals.

Course Overview

Aim: Implement processes to assist in the establishment and growth of a SUP club and how to plan SUP flat water races.
Career Outcomes: Ideal for people involved in setting up and administering SUP clubs and SUP flat water races.


  • How to fund your SUP club in terms of generating an income and recording your expenditure
  • What health and safety requirements will be expected of your SUP club including insurance
  • Day to day running of the club including roles and responsibilities of the club members and volunteers
  • How to market your SUP club and maintain a healthy membership including running trips and events for your members.
  • Organising flat water race events & logistics including race formats staffing, equipment, permits, risk management & safety.
Qualification: ASI Managing a SUP Club Participation Certificate

1 day.  9 am to 5pm

What we 

ASI Managing a SUP Club Manual


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