SUP Clinic: Downwind Paddle Skills

The Downwind Paddle Skills clinic provides an introduction to downwind paddling skills and techniques, safety, logistics and equipment.

Participants will gain practical hands on experience by completing a 5 km paddle in a downwind location. 

This course is ideal for people new to downwinding or for improving skills.

Course Information

Aim: Introduction to downwind paddling skills and techniques.

Downwind paddle locations are defined:

  • as wide open stretches of water such as exposed coastal waters and protected bays, lakes, lagoons. Swell size up to 4ft, no more than 500 metres (540 yards) from shore.   
  • wind behind and wind speed greater than 15 knots and less than 20 knots.
  • Paddle competently in exposed water conditions with swell up to 2 – 4 feet.  Or hold ASI Level 2 Exposed Waters Certificate.
  • Experienced in paddling distances up to 5km.
  • Terminology
  • Safety and logistics
  • Downwind boards and equipment
  • Downwind paddling techniques
  • Utilising the wind
  • How to catch and ride runners
  • Practical: participate in 5km downwind paddle
Qualification: ASI Downwind Paddle Skills Clinic Certificate
Duration: 1 day.  9 am to 5pm
What we 


ASI Downwind Paddling Logbook

Bring to workshop:

SUP water gear
SUP downwind board and paddle


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“.The course was an amazing introduction.   I was really interested in downwinding, the next challenge, in my paddling skills and wanted to make sure I had the correct foundation skills and techniques.  I was not disappointed.  Trainer, Will Anido, has an amazing wealth of experience and my skills improved immediately  Thank you Will for your patience and the personal tips to make my own paddling even better .  See you at the next clinic    ….” Dan Taylor,  Australia.