ASI SUP Wise - Level 3 Beginner Surf

ASI Level 3 Beginner Surf is the third level of stand up paddle knowledge and skills.   Learn to how to catch an rider small breaking waves up to 1½ ft.  

You should be a competent paddler at the Exposed Waters location and have surf and ocean experience before venturing into surf locations.  SUP Surfing requires high technical skills and surf knowledge. Learners should be accompanied with experienced SUP Surf instructors at all times.

Course Information


Stand up paddle surf with correct technique, confidence and safety in breaking waves up to 1½ ft.

Location Description

Non pitching (shallow plunging) waves up to 1 ½ ft (½ metre)
Sandy beach with even gradient and channel
Free from strong rips, hazards, dumping shore break
Wind speed less than 12 knots, offshore winds up to 10 knots


Swim 50 metres (164 ft), without stopping
ASI Stand Up Paddle (Exposed Waters) skill and knowledge

Learning Outcomes

Environment & Safety

  • Understand the surf environment
  • Identify SUP surf hazards
  • Choose a safe SUP location
  • Demonstrate correct wipe-out and mount/dismount
  • Demonstrate correct SUP etiquette

Paddle Skills

  • Identify safe places to enter and exit the surf
  • Negotiate waves
  • Correct paddling technique and stance
  • Catch and ride waves

        Perform SUP surf manouevres:

  • Trim (backhand & forehand)

Equipment & Clothing

  • Choose suitable SUP surfing board and equipment

Norminal Duration

Approx. 20-40 hours
to gain the above skills and knowledge


ASI SUP Wise Course Formats

Fun and practical hands on course, comes with all equipment provided, your own ASI logbook with reference information and SUP paddling log pages and a Certificate of Participation at completion.

SUP Wise-Starter

Introduction  session.  Experience  stand up paddling in the surf.  2 hours

SUP Wise-Improver

Learn the fundamentals of SUP surfing and surf culture and how to ride waves straight into shore.  3 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session)   

SUP Wise-Cruiser

Develop your SUP beginner surfing skills and learn to ride waves on an angle (trim), the way the professionals do.  Gain your SUP Participation certificate. 10-20 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session)

Whats included

  • All SUP gear – SUP surf board, paddle, leash
  • SUP clothing – rashshirts, wetsuits (optional)
  • ASI Learn to SUP Beginner Surf Logbook 
  • ASI Stand Up Paddle Beginner Surf Participation Certificate

Dates and Bookings

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