Level 6 Intermediate Surfer


Able to select appropriate, makeable wave and ride it effectively, demonstrating control and performing and linking intermediate level manoeuvres (bottom turn, top turn, cutback on forehand and backhand).

The surfers style, flow, power and speed is not yet fully developed.

ASI Level 6 Intermediate Surfer is able to:

Surfing Environment:

  • Predict surfing conditions based on weather, swell, tides, wind direction/speed
  • Identify how to read waves by understanding different water conditions, wave types,  and their suitability for surfing, left and right waves, wave frequency
  • Identify 5 different types of surf breaks (breach, point, reef, river mouth, bombora)
  • Select a surfing location for the intermediate surfer


  • Surf on fibreglass short or long board & leash
  • Read tide charts
  • Identify how parts of your board affect performance
  • Identify the different types of fins and fin systems
  • Identify surfboard damage
  • Choose a surfboard for the intermediate surfer based on personal style and the surfing conditions
  • Identify surfing safety and assistance clothing

Surfing Skills:

Ability to select appropriate, makeable wave and ride the wave effectively, demonstrating control and performing and linking intermediate level manoeuvres (bottom turn and top turn on forehand or backhand, cut-back on forehand). 


  • Choose a suitable place for entering and exiting the water at different surf breaks
  • Identify the different types of rips and how to use them to advantage
  • Negotiate broken and unbroken waves using the duck dive
  • Identify correct paddling out protocol
  • Select appropriate, makeable wave (not closing out, suitable to ride, left or right)
  • Identify the correct take off position.
  • Understand how body weight and speed affect surfing
  • Identify how to turn your board
  • Identify methods to get off the wave
  • Wipe-out safely at the intermediate level
  • Demonstate safe surfing etiquette

Surfing Manoeuvres:

Perform intermediate surfing manoeuvres on forehand and backhand: 

  • Trim 
  • Bottom turn, with spray (burying the back third of the inside rail, front outer rail at least 30 degrees out of water, part of the bottom of the board is visible from the shore)  
  • Top turn, with spray  (burying the back third of what was the outside rail, part of the deck of the board is visible from the shore)
  • Cut-back, with spray on forehand (from out on the shoulder / clean open face, directional change of at least 90 degrees, an on edge turn of at least 30 degrees to the water’s surface, generating spray)
  • Linking the above manoeuvres 
  • Demonstrate control of the surfboard (making the take-off, completing the manoeuvres, not getting thrown off by whitewash or chop, or digging a rail, maintaining stance)
  • Effectively ride a wave (from start to finish, left or right, on the shoulder or near the curl)

Experience surfing at:

  • beach breaks
  • surf 3 ft (1 metre)
  • free from hazards


Have Level 5 Intermediate Surfer skills and competence.  

Skills Development 

From Level 5 Intermediate Surfer, it takes approximately 250-500 hours to acquire Level 6 Intermediate surfer skills.

To progress from Beginner (Level 3 Surfer) and become a Level 6 Intermediate Surfer, it takes approximately 750-1500 hours in total.


ASI Learn to Surf for Intermediate Level manual
ASI Surf Wise Level 4, 5 & 6 Learn to Surf Intermediate Level Student Workbook
ASI Surf Wise Level 4, 5 & 6 Learn to Surf Intermediate Level Logbook


Surf Wise Course - Level 6 module only

8 sessions (1-2 hrs each session) + practice
You must already be a competent Level 5 Intermediate Surfer.
Gain experience surfing at: beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, river mouth breaks.
Learn how to perform a cut-back and link all intermediate level manoeuvres on forehand or backhand. 
It will take approximately 250 - 500 hours of additional practice to learn these skills.
Resources:  ASI Learn to Surf Intermediate Level Manual &  ASI Surf Wise Level 6 Learn to Surf Intermediate Level Student Workbook or Logbook. 
Certificate Issue:  ASI Intermediate Surfer Level 6 Participation Certificate.

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