Level 1 Surfing Instructor 

If you hold a non ASI instructor qualification, you can transfer to ASI.  You will get recognition for your past experience. 

If your ASI qualification has expired, you can complete the transfer-update course to obtain a new ASI qualification.

Ideal for students who:

  • Hold a non ASI surfing instructor qualification (must be current, or expired by no more than 12 months)
  • Want to update an expired ASI surfing instructor qualification

You must: 

  • Have recent surfing instruction experience
  • Are an level 6 intermediate surfer (perform top turn, bottom turn on backhand and forehand.  Cutback on forehand and link manoeuvres in 3ft surf) 

Complete course work:

  1. Written assessments.
  2. Provide surfing video, demonstrating intermediate level surfing manoeuvres  - able to select appropriate, makeable wave and ride the wave effectively, demonstrating control and performing and linking intermediate level manoeuvres (bottom turn, top turn, cutback on forehand).  See detailed assessment criteria at:  ASI Level 6 Intermediate Surfer  
    (Note: Photos are not acceptable.   However, photos performing high quality advanced level 9 to elite-advanced level 10 surfing manoeuvres, in the middle of turns can be submitted) 
  3. List where you have completed 25 hours instruction in the previous 12 months.  Have the surf school owner (or ASI Trainer) sign to confirm you have completed the hours. 
  4. Provide copy of your non-ASI surfing instructor qualification 
  5. Provide current copies surf rescue and first aid certificates 
  6. Provide identification and headshot photo.

The process: 

  • Complete the online enrolment form and payment and submit your non ASI surfing instructor certificate.
  • We post your training manuals to you.
  • Complete written assessments in the Assessment and Competency Record Book.
  • Organise your practical hours statement to be signed a surf school owner.
  • Email or post your completed Assessment and Competency Record Book to ASI. 


You can complete the course requirements within 1 to 2 weeks if you dedicate time to finish theory assessments. 
However, you have 12 months to complete all course requirements allowing you to work at your own pace. 

Additional course information and requirements:  

Please read prior to enrolling. Course Information


Level 1 Surfing Instructor Training Manual
Level 1 Assessment & Competency Record Book
ASI Learn to Surf for Beginners level DVD
ASI Learn to Surf - Intermediate level manual 
12 months ASI membership