ASI Surfing Courses FAQ's

Do you have any questions in relation to completing your Surfing Instructor qualification?  
Here are some FAQ’s

Practical Hours

(1) There is no ASI School near me to complete my practical hours
At the workshop, the trainer will discuss how you can complete your practical hours based on your experience and ability.  Where an ASI school is not near you, a variety of options is available  including completing hours at a non ASI school and / or completing your own hours and providing some video assessment of delivery.   The Trainer will prepare a simple plan and be your mentor.

First Aid & Rescue Certificates

(1) Do I need to hold a First Aid and Rescue certificate before enrolling in the ASI Instructor courses?
No.  You have 12 months after the workshop date to provide it to ASI.

(2) What First Aid Certificates do you accept?
ASI has listed some certificates that are acceptable.  click here
These are usually 1 day to 2 days training.   Valid for 2 to 3 years.
At a minimum your first aid certificate must be FACE to FACE training and include the following topics:
basic emergency care for injuries and illnesses: CPR, cramp, hypothermia, heat stroke, strain/sprains, fractures, breaks and dislocations, breathing emergencies including choking and asthma, head injuries, eye injuries, bites and stings, bleeding, shock, epilepsy, allergies

(3) What Rescue Certificates do you accept?
Surf Rescue Certificate is required.   
ASI has listed some certificates that are acceptable.  click here

(4) Do I have to hold Bronze Surf Lifesaving Certificate?
No. You can hold a Community Surf rescue certificate or equivalent. 
ASI has listed some certificates that are acceptable.  click here

(5) Can I provide a Swimming Pool rescue certificate?
No. You must have a Surf Rescue certificate.  It demonstrates experience completing rescues in the surf.
See ASI website for a list of some SURF rescue providers.  click here


(1) Do I need to be able to surf to enrol in the ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor course?
Yes.  You must be able to surf at the ASI Intermediate Level - perform and link manoeuvres (bottom turn, top turn, light cut-back, re-entry on both forehand and backhand) in 3 ft surf and be experienced surfing at beach, reef, river mouth and point breaks..  See ASI Intermediate Level Surfer

(2)  I am not an Intermediate Surfer.  What should do?
You cannot enrol in the ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor course.

To improve your surfing skill:  (i) contact an ASI Trainer or ASI Surf school and ask for a private assessment of your ability and have coaching sessions.
(ii) purchase the ASI Learn to Surf Intermediate Level manual which explains how to perform manoeuvres and a range of safety and background information required at the intermediate level.  Purchase on ASI website


(1) Do I have to pay membership fees, when I renew my instructor certification?
No, the ASI instructor renewal fee is inclusive of membership.  Which means the ASI renewal fee is the best value in the marketplace.  We keep our renewal fees low as a member benefit.

Working in Other Countries

(1) Can I work in other countries with ASI qualifications?
Yes, ASI has been operating since 2003 and is the world leader in education and training accreditation in the surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding sections of the outdoor recreation industry.

(2) I did my ASI training in the UK and I want to work in Australia.  Do I have to pay any extra fees to be recognised?
No.  You do not pay any extra once you have your ASI qualifications.   There may be additional country certificate requirements e.g. your rescue certificate is only recognised for 12 months in Australia.   You may be required to apply for a state based working with children check.   The surf school you are working for,will advise you of requirements.