First Aid Training Providers

ASI Instructors are required to hold Senior First Aid qualifications.
The First Aid certificate date must not be expired.  Certificates that are more than 3 years old are not accepted (even if the expiry date is longer). 

First Aid Training Topics

The First Aid training should cover basic emergency care for injuries and illnesses, including: CPR, cramp, hypothermia, dehydration/heat exhaustion/heat stroke, strain/sprains, fractures, breaks and dislocations, breathing emergencies including choking and asthma, head injuries, eye injuries, bites and stings, bleeding, shock, epilepsy, allergies, drowning.  

These courses are usually 1-2 days.  Face to face workshops only.  Online only first aid courses are not accepted.

"First Aid at Work" certificates are generally not accepted.  As they do not cover all topics including hypothermia, dehydration/heat exhaustion/heat stroke, bites and stings. 

Accepted Certificates
This page displays some certificates approved by ASI, and some training organisations that deliver these certificates. Contact ASI if your certificate is not listed.


Secondary Care (First Aid) Certificate   | Training Organisation:  Emergency First Response PADI Diving


Provide First Aid Certificate   Code:  HLTAID011   (Note, this certificate code has changed 2021.  Previous code  HLTAID003 is still acceptable)
This is the only certificate accepted in Australia. 
Training Organisations: Any Registered Training Organisation


Standard First Aid & CPR  |  Training Organisation:  Canadian Red Cross
Wilderness and Remote First Aid  |  Training Organisation:  Canadian Red Cross
General First Aid including CPR Level C and AED    |  Training Organisation:    St Johns Ambulance


First Aid Course EA 1 ® (16 h)   |  Training Organisation:   Finnish Red Cross


Formation Premiers Secours En Equipe Niveau 1 (Pse1) Certificate  | Training Organisation:  Croix Blance Montepellier
Sauveteur Secouriste du Travail - Formation Initiale. |  Training Organisation:   Centre de Formation Prévention & Secourisme


BALI.   Senior First Aid Certificate  |  Training Organisation: Balawista Badung (Bali Surf Lifesaving)  E:


Secondary Care (First Aid) Certificate  | Training Organisation:  Irish SUP / Paul Byrne
Practical First Aid Certificate    | Training Organisation:    Irish Red Cross
Rescue Emergency Care - Level 3    | Training Organisation:   REC (Rescue Emergency Care)
First Aid Response     | Training Organisation:    Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council


Bagnino di Salvataggio Combined surf rescue/1st aid  | Training Organisation:   Società Nazionale di Salvamento


Basic Life Support    | Training Organisation: EHBO bij Volwassenen


Combined surf rescue / first aid. Zambales Lifesaving Certificate   | Training Organisation:  Zambales Surf Lifesaving/ Philippines Coast Guard 
Basic Water Safety & Rescue Certificate  | Training Organisation:   Philippine National Red Cross


Emergency First Response-Secondary Care   | Training Organisation:  Sagres - PuraVida Divehouse & Camp
Cursos de Nadador Salvador (includes first aid)   | Training Organisation:   Marinha PT
Curso Europeu de Primeiros Socorros (CEPS)   | Training Organisation:    Esboço de curso    
Cruz Vermelha Portuguese    | Training Organisation: Red Cross


   | Training Organisation:  Singapore Emergency Responder Academy


Standard First Aider Certificate   | Training Organisation: Red Cross Society ROC}

United Kingdom

First Aid     | Training Organisation:  RYA (Royal Yachting Association)
Outdoor First Aid (16 hrs)    | Training Organisation:   REC (Rescue Emergency Care)
Outdoor Emergency First Aid   | Training Organisation:  BASP UK
Outdoor First Aid | Training Organisation: World Class Training


Lifeguard Training (Includes First Aid) certificate   | Training Organisation:   American Red Cross
Wilderness and Remote First Aid    | Training Organisation:  American Red Cross  



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