ASI accredited instructors and accredited schools can access insurance at competitive market rates with specially selected insurance schemes.

ASI Insurers are reputable, locally based and government approved and they understand the water sports industry. 


Includes single instructor operations. 
Mobile and fixed locations.
Any location worldwide except USA & Canada.
Cover: $20M public liability, $5M professional indemnity, $20M products liability

TO APPLY:  Contact ASI for more information. 


Includes single instructor operations. Mobile and fixed locations.

Minimum Public Liability Limit of Indemnity €13,000,000
Public Liability includes land and water based activities, hiring of equipment & professional advice.  Cover for the surf schools extends to cover SUP, kayaking, beach games & beach/eco walks.
Minimum premium for up to 2 instructors.

Additional cover for:

  • Extra instructors
  • Employers liability
  • Material damage cover for boards and wetsuits
  • Material damage
  • Hard board hire extension

TO APPLY: Contact:  Hastings Insurance Brokers.  Ph:  071 91 48000  (+353 719148000)



Excellent value and comprehensive insurance for instructors, sole operators and schools.  
Specific for the UK market.

TO APPLY:  Contact ASI for more information. 



ASI Insurance Scheme. Online application. Automatic approval.
Non resident instructors can apply.


  • General and professional liability: $1M/$3M aggregate or $2M/$4M aggregate  
  • Sexual abuse liability $100,000/ $300,000 aggregate
  • Products liability: $1M aggregate
  • Medical payments: $2,500
  • Damage to premises: $100,000
  • Activities outside of the USA for a maximum of 30 days.

Rates (per annum): $1M  /$3M aggregate. Countrywide: $232. New York: $252
Rates (per annum): $2M / $4M aggregate:  Countrywide: $296. New York: $323 

TO APPLY:   Click here for online application