ASI Instructors renew their Stand Up Paddle Instructor qualifications each year. 

The Process:
  • Login in to your member area on the ASI website
  • Complete the online renewal form and payment
  • Provide current copy of your first aid certificate 
  • Provide a current copy of your rescue certificate
  • Provide details of where you have worked 25 hours as a Stand Up Paddle instructor, in the past 12 months

ASI also offers online SUP Rescue courses.  See Courses page. 

Renewal Date:  
30 June.  
31 December for Australia & Asia.

USA. US$40
UK   GBP £30
Europe:  Euro € 35
Australia: AUD $55 
Asia: US$40


  • Issue of new instructor certificate valid for 12 months (from the date of your last expiry date)
  • Issue a new instructor ID Card, Eco friendly, put in your wallet   
  • ASI Membership
  • Multiple ASI instructor qualifications (e.g. stand up paddle, surfing, bodyboarding)

Note:  ID cards are posted from the ASI UK office.   Depending on where you live outside of the UK, the cards may take a few weeks to reach you. 

Refund Policy: 

No refund is provided once renewal form has been submitted and processed.

Expired Instructor Certificates:

Due to COVID restrictions, the first year expired fee has been  WAIVED for renewals from 31 Dec 2020 and 30 June 2020

Expired Certificate fee:
USA. US$40
UK   GBP £30
Europe:  Euro € 35
Australia: AUD $55 
Asia: US$40 

Certificates expired by more than 12-24 months:  You dont need to do the whole course again.  Apply for update course.  See Courses page. 

Exemptions may apply.  Email ASI head office with your request

See the FAQ's page for SUP instructor renewal.