ASI Instructors renew their Stand Up Paddle Instructor qualifications each year. 

The process:
  • Login in to your member area on the ASI website
  • Complete the online renewal form and payment
  • Provide current copy of your first aid certificate 
  • Provide a current copy of your rescue certificate
  • Provide details of where you have worked 25 hours as a Stand Up Paddle instructor, in the past 12 months

ASI also offers online SUP Rescue courses  Info at...  Flexible learning  or Flexible Trainer 

See the FAQ's page for SUP instructor renewal.

Renewal date:  
30 June.  
31 December for Australia & Asia.

Renewal Fee:  
AUD $55     
Currency:  Australian Dollars.    Currency Converter  


  • Issue of new instructor certificate valid for 12 months (from the date of your last expiry date)
  • ASI Membership
  • Multiple ASI instructor qualifications (e.g. stand up paddle, surfing, bodyboarding)

Refund Policy: 

No refund is provided once renewal form has been submitted and processed.

Expired Instructor certificates:
**  this fee is now temporaily WAIVED for 31 Dec 2020 and 30 June 2020
Expired certificate fee by no more than one year:   AUD$55

Certificates expired by more than 12 months:  Complete update course at  either L1 or L2.  Info at:    Level 1 Enclosed Flat Water        Level 2 Exposed Waters 

Exemptions may apply.  Email ASI head office with your request

Other Information 

Senior First Aid Certificate

  • Senior First Aid certificate to be current - not expired and no more than 36 months old from date of issue.
  • Surf Rescue Life Saving certificates that contain senior first aid as part of the certificate are acceptable (e.g. Surf Lifesaving GB)
  • The First Aid training may have different names but should cover the following topics: basic emergency care for injuries and illnesses, including: CPR, cramp, hypothermia, heat stroke, strain/sprains, fractures, breaks and dislocations, breathing emergencies including choking and asthma, head injuries, eye injuries, bites and stings, bleeding, shock, epilepsy, allergies.  
  • ASI accepts first aid certificates from a range of training providers  See: first aid training providers....

Rescue Certificate

Level 1 (Enclosed Flat Water) or Level 2 (Exposed Waters):  hold either Flat Water or Surf Rescue certificate
Level 3 SUP Surfing and Level 3 Downwind and above :  hold Surf Rescue certificate


Work Experience

On the online renewal form, provide information on where you have worked as a SUP instructor:

  • The name of the SUP school/s that employed you or the name of the SUP club where you provided volunteer coaching 
  • The locations, dates and the number of hours 
  • Must have been completed in the previous 12 months

Minimum work experience requirements.
The work experience requirements apply to the highest level of certificate you hold in each SUP stream.

a) Flat Water Stream:
  • Level 1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water):  25 hours instruction at enclosed flat water locations
  • Level 2 SUP Instructor (Exposed Waters): 25 hours instruction at exposed waters locations
  • Level 3 SUP Instructor (Downwind & Distance Paddling):  20 hours instruction at downwind locations
c) SUP Surf Steam:
You also need to provide additional work experience requirements for: 
  • Level 3 SUP Instructor (Beginner Surf):   25 hours instruction of beginner SUP surf sessions
  • Level 4 SUP Instructor (Intermediate Surf):  complete 25 hours instruction of intermediate SUP surf sessions
  • Level 5 Master SUP Coach (Surf): complete 25 hours instuction of advanced SUP surf sessions and provide details of providing competition coaching skills, for at least 2 persons, to a minimum regional level, over the previous two year period.

d) Other Streams:
You also need to provide additional work experience requirements for: 
  • SUP Yoga Teacher: 25 hours instruction of SUP Yoga sessions
  • SUP Fitness Instructor: 25 hours instruction of SUP fitness sessions
  • SUP Surf Judge: a minimum of 20 hours SUP surfing judging over the previous 24 months


Example:  if you hold multiple certificates, you must provide work experience for each certificate as per the SUP stream 

EG:  Level 2 SUP Instructor (Exposed Waters) certificate (25 hours) + Level 3 SUP (Beginner Surfing) (25 hours) + SUP Yoga Teacher certificate (25 hours)