ASI Instructors renew their Stand Up Paddle Instructor qualifications each year. 

The Process:
  • Login in to your member area on the ASI website
  • Complete the online renewal form and payment
  • Provide current copy of your first aid certificate 
  • Provide a current copy of your rescue certificate
  • Provide details of where you have worked 25 hours as a Stand Up Paddle instructor, in the past 12 months

ASI also offers online SUP Rescue courses.  See Courses page. 

Renewal Date:  
30 June.  
31 December for Australia & Asia.

USA. US$40
UK   GBP £30
Europe:  Euro € 35
Australia: AUD $55 
Asia: US$40


  • Issue of new instructor certificate valid for 12 months (from the date of your last expiry date)
  • Issue a new instructor ID Card, Eco friendly, put in your wallet   
  • ASI Membership
  • Multiple ASI instructor qualifications (e.g. stand up paddle, surfing, bodyboarding)

Note:  ID cards are posted from the ASI UK office.   Depending on where you live outside of the UK, the cards may take a few weeks to reach you. 

Refund Policy: 

No refund is provided once renewal form has been submitted and processed.

Expired Instructor Certificates:

Due to COVID restrictions, the first year expired fee has been has been WAIVED for renewals.

Expired Certificate fee:
USA. US$40
UK   GBP £30
Europe:  Euro € 35
Australia: AUD $55 
Asia: US$40 

Certificates expired by more than 12-24 months:  You dont need to do the whole course again.  Apply for update course.  See Courses page. 

See the FAQ's page for SUP instructor renewal.