Flat Water Rescue Training Providers

ASI SUP Instructors are required to hold the ASI SUP Water safety rescue qualification.  
Surf Rescue certificates are also acceptable (from ASI approved surf lifesaving organisations only)
Surf Rescue certificate is required for SUP surfing and downwinding instructor qualifications.

Flat Water Rescue certificates must cover rescue techniques  in the river or ocean, using a SUP or rescue board. 
Rescuing an unconscious patitent using a double role and then prone paddling the client to shore.   
A fitness - run, swim, run / prone paddle must also be included.    
Note: Swimming pool rescue certificates and rescue courses that do not use a SUP or surfboard to complete rescues are not acceptable.  

The rescue certificate date must not be expired. Certificates that are more than 2 years old are not accepted (even if the expiry date is longer). 

This page displays some certificates approved by ASI, 


ASI SUP Water Safety Rescue Award.  (Workshop and online learning options)  Course info 

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