SUP Surfing Intermediate Skills


Use a special SUP Surf board to catch and ride small breaking waves 3 - 4 ft (1 metre).  

Locations and Conditions 

Intermediate level SUP surfing locations are defined as: 

  • Peeling waves 3ft - 4ft in height (1 metre)
  • Wind speed less than 12.5 knots
  • Offshore winds up to 10 knots
  • Free from hazards


Before paddling at this level, you should:

  • Be competent at the ASI SUP Wise-SUP Surfing Beginner level 
  • Be able to swim 200 metres (656ft), without stopping.
  • Confident and with experience, in paddling / able to trim in waves of 3ft.


SUP surf stand up paddle board
Long leash

Skills and Knowledge

To paddle correctly and safely at this level, requires the following skills and knowledge:  

Environment & Safety

  • Identify SUP surf hazards and self rescue techniques at the intermediate level
  • Choose a safe SUP surf location
  • Demonstrate correct wipe-out and mount/dismount
  • Demonstrate correct SUP etiquette

‚ÄčEquipment & Clothing

  • Choose suitable SUP surfing board and accessories
  • Choose suitable SUP surfing clothing

Paddle Skills

  • Choose a suitable place for entering and exiting the water 
  • Identify and use rips and channels
  • Negotiate broken and unbroken waves  
  • Identify correct paddling out protocol
  • Choose the correct waves to ride
  • Identify the correct take off position
  • Correctly ride the wave by understanding how body weight and speed affect SUP surfing
  • Understand how correct use of the paddle enhances ability to perform manoeuvres
  • Identify how to turn your board
  • Identify methods to get off the wave
  • How to wipe out safely at the intermediate level

SUP surfing manouevres:

  • Bottom turn
  • Top turn
  • Cutback
  • Perform and link intermediate level SUP surfing manoeuvres, with control, on the one wave, on backhand and forehand.