SUP Surfing Beginner Skills


Use a special SUP Surf board to catch and ride small breaking waves up to 1½ ft.  

Locations and Conditions 

Beginner SUP surfing locations are defined as: 

  • Non pitching (shallow plunging) waves up to 1 ½ ft (½ metre)
  • Sandy beach with even gradient and channel
  • Free from strong rips, hazards, dumping shore break
  • Wind speed less than 12 knots, offshore winds up to 10 knots


Before paddling at this level, you should:

  • be able to swim 200 metres (656 ft), without stopping.
  • have exposed waters paddling skills.


SUP surf stand up paddle board
Long leash

Skills and Knowledge

To paddle correctly and safely at this level, requires the following skills and knowledge:  

Environment & Safety

  • Understand the surf environment
  • Identify SUP surf hazards
  • Choose a safe SUP location
  • Demonstrate correct wipe-out and mount/dismount
  • Demonstrate correct SUP etiquette

Equipment & Clothing

  • Choose suitable SUP surfing board and accessories
  • Choose suitable clothing for SUP surfing

Paddle Skills

  • Identify safe places to enter and exit the surf
  • ‚ÄčNegotiate breaking waves
  • Correct paddling technique and stance
  • How to catch waves
  • How to ride waves

SUP surfing manouevres:

  • Trim (backhand & forehand)