SUP Surfing Advanced Skills


Control the board and use the paddle to perform and link advanced level SUP manoeuvres, in the critical section of the wave, in surf up to 6ft.

Locations and Conditions 

Advanced level SUP surfing locations are defined as: 

  • Peeling waves of 6ft (2 metres)
  • Wind speed less than 12.5 knots
  • Offshore winds up to 10 knots
  • Free from hazards


Before paddling at this level, you should:

  • be able to swim 200 metres (656 ft), without stopping.
  • have SUP surfing intermediate level skills.


SUP surfing board
Long leash

Skills and Knowledge

To paddle correctly and safely at this level, requires the following skills and knowledge:  

Environment & Safety

  • Predict surf conditions at different surf breaks taking weather, tide, and land formations into consideration.
  • Identify SUP safety issues for the advanced SUP surf paddler
  • Select a safe SUP surf location for the advanced level SUP surfing
  • Demonstrate correct wipe-out and mount/dismount
  • Demonstrate correct SUP surf etiquette

​Equipment & Clothing

  • Choose suitable SUP surfing board and equipment

Paddle Skills

  • Correct paddling technique and stance
  • Techniques for taking off and finishing the ride

SUP Surfing Manouevres:

  • Re-entry
  • Roundhouse cutback
  • Floater
  • Tube riding
  • Nose riding
  • Walking the board
  • Drop knee cutback
  • Section manoeuvres
  • Linking manoeuvres with correct use of paddle

Describe how to perform:

  • Drop knee cutback
  • Helicopter
  • Rotational airs
  • Rotational floater
  • Rock and roll floater