ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor Courses

It’s the best job in the world!    Combine your love of stand up paddling with a career.    Follow the seasons and work around the world.  
Be part of the ASI worldwide community and work with great people in amazing locations.   
ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor courses are regarded as the best worldwide, with comprehensive information covering SUP skills, instructional techniques, operations and safety.    

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Instructor Courses for: Flat Water  

Level 1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water)
Teach basic SUP lessons, guide short SUP paddle tours and rentals in enclosed flat water locations.  
Inland waterways and bodies of water (including creeks, rivers, lakes, lagoons, estuaries, canals) no wider than 1 km (0.6 miles), with no swell or breaking waves.

SUP Technical Coach (Enclosed Flat Water)
Provide coaching to improve technical paddling ability for enclosed flat water locations. 


Instructor Courses for:  Exposed Waters

Level 2 SUP Instructor (Exposed Waters)
Teach basic SUP lessons, guide short SUP paddle tours and rentals in exposed waters locations.   
Coastal beaches and bays and harbours and large inland bodies of water, greater than 1 km (0.6 miles) wide, 
shore break up to 1 ½ feet, swell size up to 2ft, no breaking waves.

SUP Technical Coach (Exposed Waters)
Teach SUP lessons to improve technical paddling ability for exposed waters locations.


Instructor Courses for: Touring

SUP Tour Guide (Enclosed Flat Water)
Guide SUP Tours in enclosed flat water / inland locations - day trips and overnight stays



SUP Tour Guide (Exposed Waters)
Guide SUP Tours in exposed waters - day trips and overnight stays 



Instructor Courses for: Downwind 

Level 3 SUP Instructor (Downwind & Distance Paddling) 
Instruct basic downwind paddling techniques and guide downwind and distance paddling sessions for distances up to 10 kms (6 miles).


Instructor Courses for: SUP Surfing 

Level 3 SUP Instructor (Beginner Surf)
Instruct basic SUP surfing skills in surf up to 1½ feet (½ metre).

Level 4 SUP Instructor (Intermediate Surf)
Instruct intermediate level SUP surfing skills and manoeuvres in 3ft (1 metre) to 4ft (1.2 metres) surf.   

Level 5 SUP Instructor (Advanced Surf)
Instruct advanced level SUP surfing skills and manoeuvres in surf up to 6 ft surf (2 metres).


Instructor Courses for: Wellbeing 

SUP Yoga Teacher
The ASI SUP Yoga Teacher training course sets the international standard for SUP Yoga.  Deliver sessions in protected waters no more than 50 metres from shore. 


SUP Fitness Instructor
This combined Level 1 & 2 course is designed for fitness professionals.   It provides the knowledge and skills to safely design and deliver fitness exercises on a SUP Board in the water.

Water Rescue Skills

SUP Water Safety Rescue Award (Flat Water)
Provide skills and knowledge to perform simple SUP rescues in enclosed flat water and exposed waters locations. 

SUP Water Safety Rescue Award (Surf)
Provide skills and knowledge to perform SUP simple in the ocean in breaking waves of 1 ½ feet (½ metre).  


Judging Courses  

SUP Surfing Judge
Judge stand up paddle surfing events from local clubs, regional to interstate or professional events.