Bodyboard Wise Beginner Bodyboarder


The ASI Bodyboard Wise Beginner Bodyboarder level is the first step in learning to bodyboard.  It covers bodyboarding safety, self rescue skills and riding along on small waves. 


Trim and perform small turns along the bottom half of broken or peeling waves up to 1½ feet (½ metre).

Locations and Conditions 

Beach break with sand bottom
Surf 1½ ft  (½ metre)
Water depth of chest deep or less
Free from rips and hazards
Wind less than 20 kph


Have surf safety and awareness skills
Swim 50 metres, without stopping
Tread water for 5 minutes


Bodyboard, fins (flippers), arm leash

Topics/ Outcomes 

Bodyboarding Environment:

  • Identify bodyboarding hazards
  • Identify personal bodyboarding hazards
  • Identify suitable weather conditions for bodyboarding
  • Identify the types of waves suitable for bodyboarding
  • Choose a safe bodyboarding location
  • How to look after the surf environment


  • Choosing a beginners bodyboard
  • Waxing, caring, carrying and storing your board
  • Identify suitable types of wetsuits and surf clothing
  • Demonstrate ability to walk in fins (flippers)

Bodyboarding Skills: 

  • Choose a safe place to enter the water
  • Negotiate small waves using a variety of techniques
  • Paddle and kick correctly with board in trim
  • How to select and catch waves with safety
  • Trim and turn along wave
  • Wipe-out safely
  • Apply bodyboarding etiquette, drop in rule, snaking, ethics

Bodyboarding Manoeuvres:

  • Trim (angle) and ride waves


ASI Learn to Bodyboard for Beginners student workbook or logbook

Certificate Issued

ASI Beginner Bodyboarder Participation Certificate


10 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session) + practice

10-20 hours in total  (depending on personal sports abilty and previous ocean experience).

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