Bodyboard Wise Advanced Bodyboarder


Once you have completed your intermediate level, you are now ready to learn a range of new manoeuvres.


Demonstrate ability to control the board and link advanced level bodyboarding manoeuvres, above the lip.

Locations and Conditions 

Beach breaks
Reef break
Point breaks
River mouth breaks
Surf up to 6 ft (2 metres)
Free from hazards


Have the skills and knowledge at the intermediate bodyboarder level


Bodyboard, fins (flippers), arm leash

Topics/ Outcomes 

Bodyboarding Environment:

  • Predict surf conditions based on weather conditions and geographical land formations.


  • Identify how to customise your bodyboard and accessories based on your personal attributes, skill and the conditions

Bodyboarding Skills: 

  • Identify characteristics of the advanced bodyboarder
  • Identify techniques to generate speed and power
  • Identify methods to negotiate advanced waves
  • Identify safe take-off techniques
  • Identify correct exiting of waves and wipeout techniques

Bodyboarding Manoeuvres:

  • Air
  • ARS (air, roll, spin)
  • Tube riding
  • Back flip
  • Drop knee (slash, tail slide, floater)


ASI Learn to Bodyboard Advanced level student workbook or logbook

Certificate Issued

ASI Advanced Level Bodyboarder Participation Certificate


20 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session) + practice

100-200 hours in total  (depending on personal sports abilty and previous ocean experience).

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