Sandswell Inc


Broome WA, Australia




Office phone: +61 415 917 073



Sandswell Inc. works closely with local community groups to run bespoke learn to surf programs and surfing activities for people who experience mental illness and for women’s wellbeing. 

They are a social enterprise that aims to create access to the transformational power of surfing, to create positive impact in people's lives and for the planet. Sandswell Inc. 

They believe surfing is a powerful vehicle to inspire social change by creating connection with self, community and nature. It has the power to bridge the gaps between race, faith, gender, sexuality and socio-economic status, because in the eyes of the ocean - everyone is equal.  

Sandswell Inc. was co-founded by Sarah and Rafael Sands. 

Raf has been surfing since he was a little boy, growing up in the sleepy surf town Mallacoota. He has travelled the world surfing - from Indo to Tahiti, Mexico to Morocco - surfing some of the world's most famous and challenging waves. He as natural resource management and is also a carpenter by trade - but surfing and serving his community is his #1 passion,

Sarah learned to surf as an adult, and found surfing a powerful vehicle for personal development and women's empowerment. She prefers longboarding, and hence it's no wonder her favourite surf destinations are Byron Bay, Hawaii and California.Sarah is a global change and marine scientist (BScHons & MSc), and social entrepreneur that believes in using her passions & skills to inspire change.

Their programs and events aim to target one (or more) of our four areas of impact:

  • Sustainability and environmental connection
  • Gender equality (including. women's health and wellbeing)
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Leadership, entrepreneurship and community / team-building

“So we spend our days doing awesome ocean-things with even more awesome people, from all walks of life, creating a future we'd be proud to leave to the next generation..”

“Like the saying goes, you can't stop the waves - but you can learn to surf.  So get amongst it... join the movement.”

Sandswell Inc. delivers sessions at Cable Beach Broome.