Arecibo, Puerto Rico




Office phone: +787 650 7715


Learn how to stand up paddle and have SUP lessons at ISM SUP, an ASI accredited learn to stand up paddle school, located in Arecibo, on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico. 

IMS SUP is owned and operated by Elvin Maldonado.  He is an elite surfer and has been involved in SUP since 2009, competing successfully in elite international races and locally on the island always placing first or second in SUP categories.   Elvin began teaching in 2010, his love of a past-time growing to a professional level in the sport, for Elvin “it’s easy to commit to such an extreme sport that is already such a large part of your life”.   

Elvin has extensive training as a recreational youth leader, working with students with disabilities and by offering free workshops and swimming clinics in schools.  He  holds ASI Level 1 SUP Instructor and Lifesaving certifications.  He is assisted in the SUP School by experience and accredited SUP instructors.

IMS SUP started in 2010, to introduce others to SUP.  The school was the first to publicize the sport of stand-up paddle board in Puerto Rico.   Our primary purpose is to inform, educate and promote responsible deeper understanding the sport of SUP for all ages and families.  And to also promote the sport for all families and especially "family togetherness" as it is a sport that unites the whole family.

IMS SUP offer private and group lessons, workshops, lectures and clinics for children, adult, parties, schools groups, school sports, holiday makers, universities and corporate groups.  In addition, we hold an annual SUP competitive event that has been held since 2010.  The major sport athletes gather in categories keikis, junior elite, senior and open.

We provide a variety of sports skills and basic techniques.  Theory is held on the land first, and then water theory for each SUP participant to gain confidence in their skills and understanding. Our learning area is secure with buoys that do not allow the learner to leave the practice area.  They promote both terrestrial and maritime security.

IMS SUP also has a SUP shops offering a large rnage of SUP boards, gear and clothing.

Arecibo is a very safe, clean and quiet town located on the coast with a range of paddling locations.  There are amazing inland waterways, with flat and calm waters, set against nature.  Paddle past wildlife and lily pods. The coast offers a bay with flat sheltered waters and there are great surf breaks everywhere.  The temperature and water is always warm.

After taking a class with Elvin, students feel extremely confident SUPing in a safe and secure place. He offers a wealth of information regarding anything related to the sport.  Elvin works with the individual helping them understand everything related to SUP.  

From the choosing correct gear based on your personal physique to advancing your knowledge to whatever level you wish to achieve, whether amateur, hobby or competitive athlete, Elvin is your man.  He is a true educational ambassador of SUP.