Learn to Surf Advanced Level Manual / Academy of Surfing Instructors

ASI Learn to Surf Advanced Level Manual

Its's the only one in the market, specifically written for the advanced surfer. Guaranteed to give you lots information to help you progress your skills.


  • tips on negotiating larger waves
  • how to finish your ride on closing out and closed out waves
  • how to conserve energy
  • how to position for the take off
  • different types of take-offs to help you catch waves
  • using gravity and g-forces to control your board
  • how to generate speed techniques to generate power
  • step by step advanced level surfing manoeuvres:
  • fade, stall, tail slide, round house cut-back, snap, floater, tube ride, pigdog, layback, aerial, 360 degree

Plus: you'll learn about the advanced level surf environment and surf safety:

  • predict ideal surf conditions based on swell direction, tides and coast shape
  • identify surf hazards at the advanced level.

Plus: you'll learn about advanced level surfing equipment:

  • choose a shaper designing your own customised boards to enhance your performance
  • choosing a quiver for a range of surf conditions


Convenient carry size.
Take everywhere. Size: 23 cm x 16 cm.

AUD 27.95

Quick Overview

Develop and improve your advanced level surfing skills and perform manoeuvres and turns, with speed and power. This is the third manual in the ASI Learn to Surf Series.