ASI Learn to Surf Beginners Manual / Academy of Surfing Instructors

ASI Learn to Surf for Beginner Manual

the ideal surf location for beginners * 6 easy ways to get through the waves* correct paddling technique * if you are a natural or goofy footer * 5 steps to standing up * riding and catching waves with ease * how to turn a surfboard * surfing etiquette - dropping-in rule, snaking, ethics * 10 common mistakes beginners make * types of waves suitable for surfing * rips and how surfers get out of them * heat and cold surfing safety tips * identifying surfing hazards * choose the ideal beginner surfboard * •how to wax a surfboard correctly * wetsuits and equipment accessories for the beginner Full colour. 84 pages

AUD 19.95

Quick Overview

Do you want to be up and surfing in no time? This manual is essential reading before you hit the waves. It is the first manual in the ASI series of learn to surf manuals / DVD.