Villa Tranquil Accommodation, Balian, Bali -Surfing

Located at: Balian, Bali Indonesia

Balian is a river mouth surf break which breaks over large river stones and submerged reef.

There are 3 main waves - 2 rights and one big left.

The left and right forming off each peak as it comes in. Take your choice. There is also a right at the river mouth.

There is always a good channel and current to get you out and around on the main left.

The right handers often have the better form with some tubing and hot dog sections.

The waves can break from 300 to 500 metres out depending on the swell size. The bigger the swell the further out it breaks.

Waves are best between 3 ft up to 10 ft.

Average length of wave is between 100 to 200 metres.

There is a large surfing area. No crowds and friendly locals.

Is suitable for intermediates and above.

Best from March to November.

20 minutes down the road is decent surf break at the village of Medewi. It is a left with good form breaking over river stone rock bottom. Length of the ride can vary between 50 to 150 metres depending on the wave. Best ridden between 3 to 6 ft with an incoming tide.