Accommodation Balian, Bali - Villa Tranquil - Shopping

Located at: Balian, Bali Indonesia

The village square is a 5 minute walk from the Villa Tranquil.

You can buy a range of food and drinks that cater for the local balinese - including beer, softdrinks, toiletries, bread, jams, chocolate, stationery, general household items, clothing, footwear, etc. Fresh fruit and vegetables from the local area can also be purchased.

However, there are no tourist shops here.

Telephone. You can purchase pre-paid charge cards for your mobile phone. Coverage is excellent.

Internet: There is one internet provider in the village with broadband access where you can connect your laptop, if required.  Wireless internet is available at the cafes & warungs.

Medical: There are local chemists, a Balinese doctor and a dentist. The closest hospital and emergency are at Tabanan (about 30 minutes drive).

Banking: There is no money exchange in Balian. There is an ATM however it is not always open. The closest ATM is in Bajera - 15 minutes drive. However, not all cards work on these ATM.

Dining: There are a small number of warungs / restaurants within minutes walking distance from Villa Tranquil.

The food from these places are generally well prepared and safe to eat.

They offer excellent value for money making it affordable to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.