Surviving Bush Fires and COVID

Posted date: 03-March-2021

AUSTRALIA. LAKES ENTRANCE. ASI SUP School operator Venture Out Australia, is based in the small town of Lakes Entrance, a popular tourist destination.

It was under threat from the devasting bush fires that were ravaging Australia Dec 2019 and January 2020. Roads were cut off and thick smoke made breathing difficult. Luckily the town was spared. Then COVID hit.

Sarah, from Venture Out was interviewed by national television about the small country town and its many attractions, located about a 4 hour drive from the capital city of Melbourne.

She provides SUP, kayaking and mountain bike tours. Surrounded by nature, with the lakes and the ocean, it is the ideal place to get away and enjoy nature, plus a host of other activities and great cafes.

This summer (Jan 2021) has been one of the busiest summers yet, says Sarah. Which is great news after all you have been through.

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photo ref: WINNews

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