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Environmental Campaigns

The oceans and water environment is for us to look after.  Thankfully, we have people who are committed to ensuring laws and regulations make our world a better place to live in.   They work tirelessly on our behalf.  But they need your support.  You can assist them by volunteering or providing funds.   But all it really takes is for you to keep up to date, be knowledgeable, spread the word and send emails of support.   Together, inch by inch, we can make a difference !



Cash for Deposits.   Bring back the Cash for Containers regulations in ALL states in Australia.    There is nothing worse than surfing or stand up paddling, enjoying nature, when you see drink containers float by you !    Sign the petition.  More info...

Say No to Tuna Cage.  South Australia.  A planned Tuna feeding pen is not in sync with the environment.  It will attrack sharks, destroy surfing tourism.    Say No.    More info

Save Out Spit. Gold Coast Queensland.   Developers and local government want to build a Cruise Terminal.  It will involve constant dredging, damaging the pristine Gold Coast environment, famous for its surfing, diving and water sports.   Say No.   More info...







Email us about an environmental campaign you support and we will list it here.