IPDJ Surfing Grau 1, Portugal Sagres

Posted date: 04-May-2021

PORTUGAL, SAGRES.  Its day 1 of the 6 day intensive workshop component of the IPDJ Treinadores de Surfing Grau 1 course being held in May.  Swimming and rescue skills are practiced in both the swimming pool and the ocean.    Surfing instructors learn essential rescue and first aid skills and how to respond to an emergency in the surf.  Fitness level and swimming ability is also tested. 

ASI the only international surfing instructor training in Portugal that is authorised to deliver the IPDJ Surfing Treinador Grau course.

More courses are scheduled for Aveiro in May and Sagres in June.

Info at: https://www.academyofsurfing.com/find-courses?country=4&sports_id=2&course_id=100

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See more photos on ASI FB post: https://www.facebook.com/ASI.Intl/posts/1947521272067657


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ASI is a professional membership and training organisation and international governing body for instructors, coaches and schools in the outdoor recreation industry for surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding.


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