Introducing ASI SUP Instructor: Yuichi Tsuno, Japan

Posted date: 02-April-2021

Mr Tsuno is an ASI SUP instructor based in Itogahama, Kyushu, Japan. He has been in the sports apparel industry since 1999 and more recently turned his talents to the surf and stand up paddle production and clothing business before starting his own SUP school in his beautiful part of the world.

We spoke to Mr Tsuno to find out more about his SUP school and business and his journey to becoming an ASI SUP instructor.

Hi Mr Tsuno; tell us a bit about your background

“Born in Oita prefecture in 1970, I moved to a place near Itogahama when I was 5. I often came to Itogahama from elementary school to high school. Besides summer, I often visited the sea with my friends.

“After attending University in Tokyo, I Worked at a trading company specializing in clothing in Tokyo as a sales person, eventually establishing my own apparel production company in Hong Kong in 1999.

“In 2004 we began production of my surf brand, followed in 2014 by my SUP production business.

“Itogahama SUP Terrace opened in 2016 in Japan and we are also handling SUP and clothing related products in China.”

How did you get started in SUP?

“Since we started producing SUP boards and paddles in 2014.”

Why did you become an ASI qualified SUP instructor?

“I knocked the door (a Japanese term meaning I wanted an apprenticeship or to learn a skill) because the ASI is a world-renowned organization and academic institution. I am really appreciative of their support.”

What are you doing right now?

“ Currently I am Managing Itogahama SUP Terrace, my SUP school, board rentals, events and SUP product sales business.

“l also participate in a regional (locato community) revitalization project.

“I am involved in the production and sales of SUP related products such as paddles and leashes alongside OEM production and sales of apparel products (surf pants, rash guards, racing jackets, sports T-shirts, etc).”

“I also own a business and factory in China.”

What do you love about being an ASI SUP instructor?

“The teaching materials for the schools are well maintained and produced; that is so useful.

“Part of a Worldwide network.

“As part of the ASI team we can always adhere to the world standards in SUP.”

How has COVID and related restrictions changed how you operate?

“There are no particular changes in the teaching methods we use. In terms of ingenuity, if I dare to say I try to make it a time to knowingly forget about COVID.

“I talk a little about the effect of exposure to ultraviolet rays on the virus death time and the effect of exposure to sea breeze on the respiratory organs.

“This year, I made an effort to clean the beach. (Because the number of visitors to the beach has increased significantly compared to a typical year).”

Can you tell us about any memorable or positive stories that have happened whilst instructing?

“During the Rugby World Cup in October 2019, a couple of ASI members living in Thailand came to our store from Beppu Onsen (world famous Hot springs in Kyushu Japan), it takes about 1 hour by train and a bus, and tried SUP with us.

“It was very good weather and nice surf conditions, they enjoyed SUP, and it was great conditions for SUP surfing. They were very happy.

“I wanted to create an experience for kid’s parents to try SUP!

Our shop staff mind their children, whilst they do SUP!

“I had a client, his lower body is paralyzed, but he wanted to try SUP, that was his dream. He extremely determined so I trained him weekly for over a month and his wish came true - he could SUP!

“Our local water is shallow, about 3ft, so people are confident to go on a board and water.

“So it's exciting when it falls! (Because there are many pictures).

“There is a fresh market at the cross over the opposite bank. We do SUP activities and SUP Shopping, bring the veggies  back and do BBQ by the beach.

“It was really popular and was shown on a local TV show!

“We can see beautiful Sunrise from where we paddle, so we do Sunrise SUP sessions for our clients.

“We lay on the SUP board, and wait for sunrise, this is a very popular activity.”

Thanks so much for taking the time to give us some insight into your paddling life and recent experiences, Mr Tsuno. We wish you all the positivity in the world as you paddle into 2021, hopefully, COVID free!

Find out more about Itogahama Terrace SUP School at:

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日本. ASIサップインストラクターの津野雄一さんのご紹介

インストラクターの津野ゆういちさん。 九州の糸ヶ浜のサップインストラクター。




1.           生い立ちは? 





2.          サップを始めたきっかけは?



3.          ASIのインストラクターになった理由と、良い点はありますか?






4.           現在は何をされていますか? 




5.           コロナの影響で今までと変わったこと、または、何か工夫をされていたりしていますか?






7.          サップインストラクター中の面白い話、スクール中に起きたハプニングなどありますか?



親子サップを体験したい! というお客様、お父さんとお母さんのスクール中には、未就学の子供をあやしながら、インストラクターしています。

半身不随なんだけど、サップしたい! という熱意の強いお客様に、トレーニングをしました。1ヶ月以上、毎週トレーニングをし、念願のサップできました!











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