COVID19: ASI SUP Guidelines For Northern Ireland, Scotland And Wales

Posted date: 26-January-2021

UK:  Stay up to date and we've also listed links to government website re guidelines.   These guidelines are likely to change and evolve and in the UK there are different guidelines for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too.


COVID-19 SUP activity guidance for Northern Ireland

Paddlesport guidelines for Northern Ireland are much the same as they are for England; the general advice is to stay home whenever possible but stand up paddle can be undertaken if it adheres to the same government and safety guidelines as for paddling that we recommended for paddling in England.


COVID-19 SUP activity guidance for Scotland

According to the Scottish Canoeing Association, paddlesports are permissible in Level 4 locations but the guidance is to stay home.

If paddling it must be as members of a single household or a group of no more than two people (under 12yrs doesn’t count) from two separate households.

You must start and finish your paddle at the same location

Travel the least distance to a safe launch space, no more than 5 miles from your local authority boundary. Seek an uncrowded space and ensure the activity is conducted in a socially distanced manner.


COVID-19 SUP activity guidance for Wales

It is currently not permissible to paddle in Wales under the guidance for the currency lockdown (as of 20/12/2020), although this is currently being reviewed every 3 weeks.

In order to minimise the likelihood of excessive pressure on rescue and emergency services the Welsh government have said “avoid...exercise at sea or in lakes, rivers and other waterways."  whilst Wales is in Alert Level 4.


Keep up to date by regularly checking government health websites. 

You may also have local regulations to abide by.

Guidance statement for personal trainers and coaches on the phased return of sport and recreation in England

Sport England - Sport and physical activity sector guidance



Northern Ireland



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