COVID-19 Coronavirus Update & Guidelines

Posted date: 11-November-2020

The health and safety of ASI instructors, schools and their students and ASI members is paramount.

ASI is a worldwide organisation.  Each country and even regions have different COVID19 regulations.

ASI instructors, schools and members should regularly check the regulations in their own area.All activity should be consistent with the government guidance regarding health, social distancing and hygiene.

That means that participants and others can maintain a safe distance, that good hygiene practices are in place, that equipment is disinfected regularly, record keeping is in place for tracing, and that it's clear that anyone who's symptomatic or suspects they've been exposed to the virus does not take part and remains at home.

Information about ASI Instructor Renewals and Completing Qualifications

See the below pages about instructor renewals and completing qualifications in light of COVID19 restrictions.

Surfing   /   SUP  /  Bodyboarding

See: ASI News webpage for industry Coronavirus articles from around the world. 
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ASI Schools COVID-19 Secure Audits 

ASI created the ASI COVID-19 Secure audit, a first in the industry. 
It’s additional to the ASI School audit.  Involves internal review of operations, based on ASI’s 200 question checklist, documented and operational standards put in place.
ASI draws on its research and specific ASI activity operational expertise from around the world including ASI schools that have been operating throughout lockdowns eg Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, and in the context of government guidance, thereby allowing the ASI provider to be prepared for their country, region, activity and local COVID-19 laws.    

ASI Accreditation Scheme info at: 
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ASI Instructor Training Courses Guidelines

ASI Instructor training courses are held in countries where government regulations allow.
ASI will conduct instructor training in accordance with the social distancing, hygiene and equipment protocols (as above) and relative to the country.

ASI Schools and Instructors COVID-19 Operations Guidance 

Social Distancing
Participants and others can maintain a safe distance as required by government in your country (eg 1.5 metres, 2 metres).
Abide by group sizes as regulated by government.
Instructor keeps distance from students. 
Students keep distance from each other.
Monitor at all times.
Remove students from water who do not comply.
Implement social distancing for people checking into the activity. 
Changing rooms should not be used if social distancing cannot be maintained.

Good Hygiene
Good hygiene practices are in place.
Provide hand sanitiser and disinfectant. 
Changing rooms should not be used until cleansing regimes are in place.

Anyone who's symptomatic or suspects they've been exposed to the virus does not take part and remains at home.

Equipment and Clothing
Equipment is disinfected regularly.
All boards, leashes and clothing is disinfected immediately prior to handing over to clients. 
Use gloves to handover equipment (kitchen gloves are ok).
All equipment is disinfected immediately after the session, when the clients hands back the equipment.
Students can bring their own gear. Instructor to check equipment as per normal, but do not handle the boards, leashes, paddles. 
Students to carry own gear / or instructors can carry gear ensuring hygiene measures.

Communicate with students about hygiene standards and social distancing measures and other expectations for participating in the activity.

Be inclusive to those who need support to be active.
Also consider: 
Surfing / bodyboarding:  Advise participants they must be able to swim and self rescue themselves (due to social distancing rules).
SUP:  In the safety briefing, focus on self rescue skills, if client falls off the board, they must be able to get themselves back onto the board safely.

Contact Tracing

Keep a record of everyone who is participating in your activity (including non-paddlers / non surfers, if they are in close contact and/or assisting in the unloading/loading phases), so that if anyone does get sick, rapid contact tracing can take place.

Sensitivity to the Area and its Natural Life:

A prolonged lack of human activity on the water has allowed nature to reclaim its habitat. We have heard stories that they may be more territorial than usual and may not share our excitement about our return and behave aggressively.    Be on alert.
Also respect any and all wildlife and try to protect them as much as possible from your human activity.
A prolonged lack of human activity on the water has allowed nature to reclaim its habitat. They may need to be protected from harm by us. They may also not share our excitement about our return and behave aggressively.

Respect of Other Water Users
Lots of other water users will be excited about returning to the water after a prolonged spell. Please respect them and demonstrate a willingness to share.

Sensitivity To How The Public Perceive Outdoor Activities:
In some countries, we have witnessed the social media police during the lockdowns. The general public may not agree with people returning to the water.
Put your best foot forward and demonstrate to everybody you are acting in a responsible manner and running professional operations.

Local Laws
Stay up to date with local laws.  Check your waterways as some may be open but others may not.  If you are not sure if the waterway you are using is open, contact the waterway authority or private landowner.
Beaches may also not be open or have restricted access.    Lifeguards may or may not be operating.

COVID Government Regulations Restrictions
Stay up to date with COVID restrictions.
Check your local news and government directives on lockdown restrictions and easing. 
Each country, region and even cities may have different restrictions in relation to outdoor exercise and how many people can be in a group.


The below government websites provide current guidance including what you can and can’t do.


World Health Organisation:


Australia Federal: 

Community sports:
NSW Office of Sport:

Community sports:

Community sports:

Community sports:



Community sports:


United Kingdom

Guidance statement for personal trainers and coaches on the phased return of sport and recreation in England

Sport England - Sport and physical activity sector guidance



Northern Ireland



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