COVID- England Eases Out Of Lockdown. Ireland And Wales Still Reviewing

Posted date: 26-February-2021

On Monday 22nd Feb, Boris Johnson revealed his 'roadmap for lifting lockdown' for England.

What does this mean for paddlers, surfers, instructors, activity centres and schools?

From 8 March, 2 people can meet from different households for recreation.  That allows an instructor to take a private session.

From March 29th people will be able to meet outside, either with one other household or within the 'rule of six',  (6 people limit with people from different households)  including private spaces.    

You could operate on a 1 instructor to 5 students.

But there are no limits if the group comprises a single household.

This is a positive leap forwards and shines an optimistic light towards the goal date of June 21st when all social limits should be lifted and all sectors of the economy fully open.

Of course, these milestones rely on key data supporting the sensible easing of lockdown. Fingers crossed!"


Full level 5 Lockdown extended on 24 February to April 5. To be reviewed then.

No changes currently to the highest Level of 5 except that schools are reopening on a phased basis over 6 weeks.


It looks like the next review from Welsh government is on 12th March as to releasing tourism, sport etc..  So we will know more at that time.



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