Big Wave Surfer Alex Botelho Announced as AIR Retreat Guest Speaker

Posted date: 16-November-2021

ASI are thrilled to announce that big wave surfer, Alex Botelho will be appearing as a guest speaker at the ASI AIR  Retreat in Sagres, Portugal on 4 December 2021

In Sagres, ASI instructor, Alex, will be talking about life as a big wave surfer and how there are clear lessons to be learned from his time as an ASI instructor that carry into his big wave chasing life.

A fearless surfer of the world’s ocean giants, Alex is a man who pushes the limits of what humanity seems capable of. From Nazaré to Jaws his epic quest to ride waves that seem to swallow the sky has seen him become both a local legend in his native Portugal, and a true competitor on the world stage.

A three-time top ten finish in the Big Wave World Tour has cemented his place in surfing folklore. From a wipeout that shocked the world in 2020, to a subsequent recovery that astounding medical science, and an unquenching thirst to continue to ride giants wherever they may be, Alex Botelho continues to break boundaries in his lifelong passion for surfing.


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