7 Tips To Being COVID Safe When SUP Paddling

Posted date: 16-May-2020

Most countries are now easing up on lockdowns.  If you have not been out on the water for while, here are some things to consider from ASI Master SUP Trainer, Paul Byrne who lives in Ireland.

1. Personal Fitness
It’s been over 8 weeks since most of us have paddled.   Be conscious of your own loss of paddle fitness.  Even though you may have been training at home, you use different muscles on the water.  Take it easy to start with, and know your limitations. 

2. Activity Location and Social Distancing 
Choose a location where you can maintain social distancing, especially when entering and exiting the water.  If there is limited entry and exit points, be patient to ensure social distancing is maintained. 

3. Other Water Users
Lots of other water users will be excited about returning to the water after a prolonged spell. Please respect them and demonstrate a willingness to share. Maintain social distancing on the water.

4. Equipment and Hygiene
Even though you are the only person using your equipment, ensure it is disinfected or washed with hot soapy water, prior to putting away.  This is to mitigate the virus being transmitted from other hard surfaces, which your gear may have come into contact with. 

5. Wildlife 
A prolonged lack of human activity on the water has allowed nature to reclaim its habitat. We have heard stories that they may be more territorial than usual and may not share our excitement about our return and behave aggressively.    Be on alert. 

Also respect any and all wildlife and try to protect them as much as possible from your human activity. 

6. Local Laws 
Stay up to date with local laws.  Check your waterways as some may be open but others may not.  If you are not sure if the waterway you are using is open, contact the waterway authority or private landowner. 

7. COVID Restrictions
Stay up to date with COVID restrictions. Check your local news and government directives on lockdown restrictions and easing.  Each country, region and even cities may have different restrictions in relation to outdoor exercise and how many people can be in a group. 

Take care everyone. 
Remember everyone’s personal situation is different.   
Respect people’s right to exercise and always abide by government regulations. 



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