Level 1 Surfing Instructor (Apprenticeship)

Training Venue

Perth, Scarborough, Western Australia, Australia



Times and Dates

0:00 am - 0:00 am

01-October-2019 - 31-October-2019

Closing: 31-October-2019


Level 1 Surfing Instructor Training Manual
Level 1 Assessment & Competency Record Book
ASI Learn to Surf for Beginners level DVD
ASI Learn to Surf - Intermediate level manual 
Beginner softboards (for use in workshop)
12 months ASI membership


Bring to Workshop

Not applicable.   This is an apprenticeship learning option. 




Refund Policy

No refund provided once training manuals have been posted to you. 

Course Fee

Usual Rate: Australian Dollars.AUD $ 420

Beach locations: Scarborough Beach, Perth


Enrol at any time.    Complete practical on-the-job instruction experience, assessments and course requirements, under the guidance of an ASI Trainer at an ASI Instructor Training Centre.

The ASI trainer will organise your practical hours, check your written assessments as you progress though the course and provide assistance as required.

Ideal for students who:

  • Like to work with an ASI Trainer
  • Require some flexibility in completing your qualification
  • Complete all course requirements within 6 weeks ​

​Complete course work:

  • Complete written assessments.
  • Complete practical on-the-job instruction experience (25 hours), as organised by your Trainer. Logbook hours and testimonial form to be signed by trainer.
  • Demonstrate intermediate surfing skill: perform a bottom turn with spray, cut-back and re-entry with your trainer.
  • Provide surfing video / photo performing a cutback.
  • Provide current copies of surf rescue and first aid certificates. (can be provided before or after the training)
  • Provide identification and headshot photo.

The process: 

  • Contact an ASI Trainer  at an  ASI Instructor Training Centre 
  • Confirm the Trainer has availability.
  • Complete online enrolment form and payment - list the trainers name on enrolment form.
  • We post your training manuals to you.
  • Complete training, with the trainer signing your Assessment and Competency Record Book.
  • Email or post your completed Assessment and Competency Record Book to ASI. 

Completed over a period of up to 6 weeks. 
Includes 25 hours practical on the job instruction experience and approx. 1-2 hours theory per week (feedback sessions and homework). 
However, you have 12 months to complete all course requirements allowing you to work at your own pace.


Tom Johnston   Biography
Instructor Training Centre: Perth Go Surf
Ph Australia: +61 403 543 943
Email: info@gosurfperth.com


There is a range of accommodation in Scarborough including hotels, motels, and backpacker hostels.


Closest Airport:  

Perth International Airport (about 40 mins drive, 29kms to Scarborough)


Closest Train:


Closest Bus Station:

Scarborough Beach


The following equipment and clothing is required to complete the training:

  • Surf clothing
  • Fibreglass surfboard to demonstrate intermediate surfing skills
  • Video camera / phone or camera to take surfing video or photos
  • Access to an ASI Trainer and ASI Instructor Training Centre (using beginner softboards)


Scarborough Beach is one of  Perths favourite surf beaches to learn to surf in Perth.   Located only 30 minutes drive from the Perth city centre, it has white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, beginner to advanced surf,  abundance of cafes and bars, surf shops and a range of accommodation from backpacker hostels to 5 star hotels.