(Flexible Trainer) SUP Rescue-Enrol Anytime

Training Venue




Times and Dates

0:00 am - 0:00 am

01-January-2021 - 31-December-2021

Closing: 31-December-2021


Online access
SUP Water Safety Rescue manual 
SUP Rescue Video

Bring to Workshop

This is a flexible on-line learning course. 
Bring SUP board/gear for practical session. 



Refund Policy

No refund is provided once training has started, manuals have been posted or e-learning account has been accessed.

Course Fee

Usual Rate: US Dollars.US$ 120

Work from home. 
Complete practical asessments, with feedback, with an ASI Trainer.

This is an e-learning course, with practical assessments completed with a trainer.  The trainer will provide guidance on the rescues skills and you complete the practical assessments.

The theory is completed online prior to attending the practical session.

There is a maximum of 2 people and the hours may slightly change depending if it is one person or two people.


COURSE SCHEDULE  (click link for course information and requirements)

SUP Rescue Water Safety Award (Flexible Trainer Delivery) 
E-learning theory 
Practical session with trainer: 1 hour 


Complete practical asessments, with feedback, with an ASI Trainer. 



The following equipment and clothing is required to complete the training:

  • SUP flat water board 
  • SUP clothing suitable for conducting rescues
  • Video camera / mobile phone camera 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Computer to access ASI online learning  
  • Organise to complete practical session, with feedback, with an ASI Trainer.