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This course is for instructors who hold ASI Level 2 SUP Instructor (Exposed Waters) and would like to provide SUP lessons and coaching to improve technical paddling ability for recreational exposed waters paddling and/or deliver the ASI SUP Wise exposed waters learn to SUP program.

It covers technical analysis of SUP paddling technique, identifying areas of incorrect technique and creating and delivering personal coaching plans for exposed waters locations.

‚ÄčTo be released May 2021


Conduct assessment of stand up paddle skills, create training plans and provide coaching to improve performance, for recreational paddlers in exposed waters locations.


Exposed Waters locations are defined as:

  • coastal beaches and bays
  • harbours and large inland bodies of water greater than 1 km (0.6 miles) wide
  • shore break up to 1 ½ feet
  • swell size up to 2ft
  • no breaking waves
  • wind speed less than 12 knots, offshore wind less than 10 knots
  • water depth no less than 3ft
  • free from hazards
  • no more than 250 metres from shore

Career Outcomes:

    Stand Up Paddle Instructor in the SUP or outdoor recreation industry.
    Industry job roles that require SUP knowledge (e.g. marketing, sales, retail)

Topics Covered:

    • Create individualised SUP lesson plans for exposed waters locations
    • Assess paddling technique and provide feedback
    • Identify correct and poor paddling technique
    • Create personal coaching plans to correct poor paddling technique
    • Deliver ASI SUP Wise Exposed Waters learn to SUP certificate course

Entry Requirements:

Before starting this course, you must:

  • Have completed a minimum of 100 hours on water paddling in exposed waters locations
  • Hold ASI Level 2 SUP Instructor (Exposed Waters) certificate
  • Hold ASI Level 1 SUP Technical Coach (Enclosed Flat Water) certificate 
  • English speaking skills equivalent to IELTS 6 (Competent user: Generally you have an effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings. You can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.)

Delivery Options:

The ASI Level 2 SUP Technical Coach (Exposed Waters) course can be completed by:

  • Flexible learning

Course Requirements:

Delivery option: Flexible learning

To receive your ASI Level 2 SUP Technical Coach (Exposed Waters) certificate you need to:

Complete video assessments and coaching plans, being:

  • Provide personal SUP paddling video and self assess paddling ability using the ASI paddling assessment form, in exposed waters.
  • Complete 2 paddling video assessments, exposed waters, provided by ASI
  • Complete coaching program for 2 different students, exposed waters,  of your choosing with video submitted for each person.

Demonstrating competency:
If you are deemed not yet competent, you can submit evidence again for free.  Additional assessments are charged at $50 per assessment.  

Complete this course in your own time and submit evidence to ASI for assessment.
You have 12 months from date of enrolment to complete all course requirements.

What we provide:

Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Technical Coach (Exposed Waters) 
ASI membership valid for 12 months


Equipment required.  SUP Board, coiled leash, paddle.  Video camera. 

Certificate issued:

ASI Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Technical  Coach (Exposed Waters) Certificate
(valid for 12 months from the date you enrolled)

Additional certificate issued:



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