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This course is available as a physical workshop, an online flexible learning course or as a combination of workshop and online with our flexible trainer option.

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Deliver basic SUP lessons, short SUP paddle tours and SUP rentals at exposed waters locations.

This course builds on the ASI  Level 1 SUP instructor (Enclosed Flat Water) course and focusses on exposed waters hazards, techniques and instruction methods.  


Qualified to instruct at Exposed Waters locations, defined as:

  • coastal beaches and bays
  • harbours and large inland bodies of water greater than 1 km (0.6 miles) wide
  • shore break less than 1½ feet
  • swell size less than 2ft
  • no breaking waves
  • wind speed less than 12 knots, offshore wind less than 10 knots
  • no more than 250 metres from shore

Career Outcomes:

    • Stand Up Paddle Instructor in the SUP or outdoor recreation industry.
    • Industry job roles that require SUP knowledge (e.g. marketing, sales, retail).

Topics Covered:

    • Identify exposed waters SUP lesson/activity risks and hazards
    • Emergency processes and response
    • Logistics and how to plan exposed waters SUP sessions
    • Suitable boards, equipment and resources
    • Methods to manage clients safely in exposed waters
    • Deliver basic exposed waters SUP lessons and SUP activities
    • Evaluating your own SUP sessions  
    • Identify correct and incorrect technique using ASI assessment competency guide
    • Use video analysis to assess your own paddling ability
    • Demonstrate correct paddling technique including the 5 phases of the paddle stroke in exposed waters
    • Understand how to negotiate swell (not breaking waves) - into swell, alongside swell, with swell
    • Understand how to perform step back pivot turns - heel side and toe side

Entry Requirements:

Before starting this course:

  • have at least 100 hours on water SUP paddling experience in exposed waters. 
  • ‚Äčable to paddle with confidence, correct technique, knowledge and safety  ASI L2 SUP Wise level 
  • plus be confident in paddling in miniumum swell of 2ft and wind speed of 15 knots.
  • have completed or are completing the ASI Level 1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water) qualification.
  • English speaking skills.

Delivery Options:

Workshop :  An intensive course that focuses on the major components, with the ability to interact with the trainer and the group. 
Duration:  1 day. 

Online :  Study in your own time with ASI's e-learning platform.  Upload video to demonstrate skills. 

Flexible Trainer : Complete theory online, then organise a 1 hour private session with a trainer to complete the practical assessments, at a time that suits you. 

ASI's E-learning Platform
ASI's e-learning platform provides access to training manuals, videos, reference materials and assessments.  Access is available for all the above delivery options.

Course Requirements:

  • Complete multi-choice online tests.
  • Demonstrate correct paddling technique in exposed waters.
  • Complete paddling mission test - paddle for 1km in under 10 mins, in exposed waters.
  • Complete 10 hours practical work experience, assisting in the delivery of lessons of tours in exposed waters, at an ASI or approved SUP school. (exemption for transfer-update).


  • Submit a current SUP water rescue or surf rescue certificate  
  • Submit a current senior first aid certificate 
  • Have completed the ASI Level 1 SUP Instructor qualification.

Note:  above can be provided within 12 months of enrolment. 

Time to Complete 
You have 12 months to complete all course requirements.  

What we provide:

Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Exposed Waters) Training Manual
SUP Instruction Logbook
ASI membership valid for 12 months


The following equipment and clothing is required to complete the training:

  • Flat water stand up paddle board, paddle, coiled leash
  • SUP clothing suitable for paddling

In addition, for the Online learning option:   

  • Computer or mobile phone to access ASI e-learning platform  
  • Video camera or mobile phone to take video of practical skills and submit online 

Certificate issued:

ASI Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Exposed Waters) Certificate
Valid for 12 months

Additional certificate issued:

ASI also issues education department approved training certificates.  These do not expire.

Australia Only
ASI is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with authority to issue NRT certificates.  The following certificate is issued to students undertaking training in Australia.
Australian Department of Education. Registered Training Organisation RTO ID 91496.
Statement of Attainment in Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership SIS40619 
for units of competency:

SISOSUP006 Lead stand up paddle boarding activities in sheltered coastal waters
SISOSUP003 Paddle a stand up board in sheltered coastal waters

SISOSUP004 Lead stand up paddle boarding activities on inland flatwater 
SISOSUP001 Paddle a stand up board on inland flatwater
SISOFLD002 Minimise environmental impact


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