Course Information


This course is a world first and is designed to introduce and assist people to judge stand up paddle surfing events from local clubs, regional to interstate or professional events.


Judge SUP surfing competition events in surf up to 6ft.


Ocean with breaking waves, with surf up to 6ft (1 metre).

Career Outcomes:

    Stand up paddle surfing judge within the stand up paddle industry.

Topics Covered:

    • Identify the role and characteristics of a SUP Surfing Judge
    • Understand the judge's code of conduct
    • Identify SUP surfing manoeuvres, degree of difficulty and category (major, minor and transitional).
    • Identify the criteria to judge SUP surfing performance
    • Understand how to score a supper's performance
    • Identify interference and effect on scoring
    • Identify common scoring problems
    • Understand how to manage conflict

Entry Requirements:

  • have personal advanced SUP surfing paddling abilty (perform and link advanced level SUP manoeuvres in the critical section of the wave).

Delivery Options:

The ASI SUP Surfing Judge course can be completed by:

  • Attending a workshop

Course Requirements:

Workshop course requirements:

At the workshop:

  • demonstrate competency in identifying and scoring SUP surfing manoeuvres.

After the workshop:

Demonstrate ability to judge at 2 SUP surfing competition events, of at least 5 hours in total.

Workshop: 5 hours
Plus post workshop paddling experience (as applicable).
You have 12 months from date of workshop to complete all course requirements.

What we provide:

Level 1 SUP Surfing Judge Training Manual 


The following equipment and clothing is required to complete the training:

  • access to judge at SUP Surfing events


Certificate issued:

ASI SUP Surfing Judge certificate
(valid for 24 months from date of attending workshop)


Additional certificate issued:



Complete renewal form and payment
Undertake judging at 2 SUP Surfing competition events, of at least 5 hours, in the previous 24 months.