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The ASI Level 2 Bodyboarding Coach training course is for instructors with advanced bodyboarding skill and a minimum of 24 months bodyboarding instructor experience. This workshop focuses on analysis and technique correction. You'll learn how to assess and coach individuals and groups to improve bodyboarding skills ability and create individualised coaching programs.


Coach individuals and groups to improve intermediate to advanced level bodyboarding ability. 


Advanced level surf locations in surf up to 6ft (2 metres)

Career Outcomes:

    Bodyboarding instructor in the bodyboarding or outdoor recreation industry.
    Industry job roles that require bodyboarding knowledge (e.g. marketing, sales, retail)

Topics Covered:

    • Advanced level bodyboarding criteria and competencies
    • Advanced level bodyboardinging coaching risks and hazards
    • Factors affecting bodyboarding dynamics and performance
    • Manoeuvres performed at the advanced level
    • The mechanics of advanced level bodyboarding manoevures
    • Assessing advanced level bodyboarding performance
    • Identify drills to improve performance
    • Prepare individualised coaching sessions & programs
    • Prepare group coaching sessions & programs
    • Conduct effective video analysis
    • Evaluate coaching plans to determined effectiveness

Entry Requirements:

Before starting this course, you must:

  • Have at least advanced bodyboarding skill and knowledge level.  Able to perform and link advanced level manoeuvres including Air, ARS (air, roll, spin), tube riding, back flip, drop knee (slash, tail slide, floater), in surf up to 6ft  (2 metres) at different surf breaks
  • Hold current ASI Level 1 Bodyboarding Instructor certificate.
  • Minimum of 24 months recent bodyboarding instruction experience. 

Delivery Options:

The ASI Level 2 Bodyboarding Coach course can be completed by:

  • Attending a workshop

Course Requirements:

Delivery Option - Workshop

In order to gain your Level 2 Bodyboarding Coach qualification, you will need to:

At the workshop:

  • Demonstrate your advanced level bodyboarding skills
  • Complete a written test to demonstrate your advanced level bodyboarding knowledge.
  • Demonstrate delivery of advanced level bodyboarding drills and coaching sessions for individuals and groups.

After the workshop:

  • Complete practical projects: prepare an individualised coaching program for two different bodyboarders.
  • Provide 2 photographs or video, of you performing advanced level bodyboarding manoeuvres, at different surf breaks

Before or after the workshop, provide copies of:

  • Personal identification (e.g drivers licence or passport)
  • Surf Rescue certificate  and  Senior First Aid certificate, OR Lifesaving (Combined Rescue & First Aid certificate).

Surf Rescue:   Date of certificate is no more than 2 years old from date of completion (or 1 year old for Australia)  Find Approved Surf Rescue Training Providers

Senior First Aid:  The certificate date must be no more than 3 years old from date of completion.  Find Description and Approved Senior First Aid Training Providers

You have 12 months from date of workshop to complete all course requirements.

Workshop: 2 days
Plus: post workshop projects


What we provide:

Level 2 Bodyboarding Coach Training Manual
Level 2 Assessment & Competency Record Book
12 months membership


Equipment required to complete the training: 

  • Suitable surf clothing
  • Bodyboard, fins, leash to demonstrate advanced bodyboarding skills.

Certificate issued:

ASI Level 2 Bodyboarding Coach
(valid for 12 months from date of workshop)

Additional certificate issued:



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