ASI Safety

ASI is the leading world authority on safety standards within the outdoors recreation industry for: 

  • Surfing
  • Stand up paddle
  • Bodyboarding 

Safety for the General Public 

ASI regularly publishes safety information and tips for people participating in ASI sports activities. 

Safety tips are found on the ASI News Page and ASI facebook and at the links below: 

Stand up Paddle

Safety for ASI Schools & Instructors 

ASI created the ASI School Accreditation Scheme and Regulations to provide assurances to the general public about the safety of the ASI schools.  Students can enjoy the activities and not be exposed to risks of injury or death. 

The ASI School Regulations provide a clear set of guidelines to operate to the highest international industry standards.  Students can be assured activities will be safe and appropriate to their level of ability and skill. 

Information from around the world is analysed to ensure ASI safety standards are relevant and of the highest standards. 

ASI also provides consultancy services and advice to government departments, legal firms and insurance companies, around the world, in relation to education and safety standards.  We can advise on the safety and integrity of education training programs and operational practices for activity centres, schools and instructors.

Safety guidelines for ASI accredited schools are found at: 

Surf Schools
Stand up Paddle Schools
Bodyboarding Schools