ASI Publications

ASI is the world leader and primary publisher of industry educational publications for : 

  • Surfing
  • Stand up paddle
  • Bodyboarding 

The publications include text books, manuals, dvds, student workbooks and logbooks.

They contain relevant and up to date information on educational skills and knowledge, safety, equipment and environment. 

They are used by the general public, primary and high schools, educational colleges, ASI schools and instructors.  

ASI remains at the forefront as a publisher of publications for this industry by continually reinvesting in updating and creating new publications for its members and the general public. 



ASI has created the world's first educational pathways from the beginner level to the elite to instructor training, with structured modulised components linked to educational resources and outcomes.   

ASI activity centres, schools and clubs deliver ASI pathways. 

Operational Documents 

In addition, ASI has written and created the following publications for use in ASI schools: 

  • Standard operating procedures manuals
  • Emergency Action plans 
  • Workplace Health and Safety manuals
  • Risk Management registers and plans for activity centre and schools and clubs operations, environment and competition events
  • An extensive range of operational forms 
  • Training program curriculum, certificates and delivery schedules

Training Programs 

ASI has also written an extensive range of general skills and instructor training courses, complete with delivery schedules and certification. 


More information can be found at: 
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