ASI Accredited Schools

Become an ASI Accredited School and display the ASI Accredited School logo to demonstrate quality operations. 

ASI accredited schools include mobile schools, fixed location schools, sole operators or employ many instructors and staff.

ASI accredited schools have demonstrated they meet the ASI worldwide standards for operations, training and safety. 

They are recognised as the best operators in the market place. 

There is also a range of great benefits:

  • Listed on the ASI worldwide map
  • Your own page on ASI website with enquiry form
  • Online member login in library with access to a range of resources, such as procedure manuals and forms specially developed to help with your school business. 
  • Provide your students with Sports Wise learn to stand up paddle courses, complete with learning resources.
  • Insurance cover in some countries
  • and more…

ASI sets the worldwide standard.

Are you a quality operator?  Become ASI recognised.    

Find out how to become an ASI Accredited School, click on the sport logo below

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