ASI Bodyboard Courses: Intermediate Bodyboarder




Once you have completed your beginners level, you are now ready to start learning some manoeuvres.

Demonstrate ability to control the bodyboard and link intermediate level bodyboarding manoeuvres, in the top half of the wave, below the lip.

Peeling (unbroken) waves of 3 feet (1 metre).

Have the skills and knowledge at the beginner level


  • Predict and assess bodyboarding conditions
  • Select a suitable location for bodyboarding at the intermediate level
  • Identify suitable bodyboard, accessories and clothing
  • Identify safe places to enter and exit the surf
  • Demonstrate methods to negotiate waves (including duck dive)
  • Identify correct bodyboarding safety and etiquette
  • Identify correct exiting of waves and wipe-out techniques
  • Catch and ride waves demonstrating linking of intermediate bodyboarding manoeuvres

      Bodyboarding Manoeuvres

  • Turns (right-hand, left-hand turn)
  • Bottom turn
  • Top turn
  • Cut-back
  • Spin (forward, reverse spins)
  • Roll

ASI Intermediate Bodyboarder Participation Certificate

OR (as applicable) Australian Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Statement of Attainment