Bodyboard Wise

BodyboardWise is a learn to bodyboard program created by ASI.   It is specially designed to make learning easy.   Its unique modularised program allows you to progress at your own pace to maximise your success.

Bodyboard Wise identifies 3 levels of bodyboarding ability to help you learn and progress through each level.

It has learn student workbooks, suitable for individuals or school groups.  The Bodyboard Wise program aligns to the Australian Education Department VET standards.

Bodyboard Wise is delivered by ASI Accredited Surf schools.   Now learning to bodyboard is easy !


Bodyboard Wise Program - Surf Safety

Surf Safety & Awareness
Understand the surf environment
Negotiate surf without board
Self rescue skills
Swim 50 metres
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Bodyboard Wise Program 
Beginner Bodyboarder

Ride wave in foam
Beach break with sand bottom
Surf 1 ½ ft
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Bodyboard Wise Program 
Intermediate Bodyboarder

Demonstrate ability to control the bodyboard,
link intermediate level bodyboarding manoeuvres,
in the top half of the wave, below the lip.
Surf 3ft.
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Bodyboard Wise Program 
Advanced Bodyboarder

Demonstrate ability to control the board
link advanced level bodyboarding manoeuvres
above the lip.
Surf 6ft 
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