ASI Bodyboard Courses: Beginner Bodyboarder



Trim and perform small turns along the bottom half of broken or peeling waves up to 1 ½ feet (½ metre).

White water / peeling waves up to 1½ feet (½ metre).
Sandy beach, with even gradient, free from rocks and rips/sweeps, wind less than 20 kph, water depth of chest deep or less.

Swim 50 metres


  • Identify the types of waves suitable for bodyboarding
  • Apply personal bodyboarding safety techniques
  • Identify bodyboarding hazards
  • Choose a safe bodyboarding location
  • Identify suitable weather conditions for bodyboarding
  • Choose a safe place to enter the water
  • Demonstrate ability to walk in fins
  • Negotiate small waves using a variety of techniques
  • Paddle and kick correctly with board in trim
  • Apply surf safety when selecting and catching waves
  • Trim and turn along wave
  • Wipe-out safely


ASI Beginner Bodyboarder Participation Certificate

OR as applicable Australian Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Statement of Attainment.


Beginner Bodyboarding Locations