ASI Bodyboard Courses: Advanced Bodyboarder



Once you have completed your intermediate level, you are now ready to learn a range of manoeuvres.

Demonstrate ability to control the board and link advanced level bodyboarding manoeuvres, above the lip.

Waves minimum 4 feet (1.3 metres) up to 6 feet (2 metres), peeling, unbroken waves

Have the skills and knowledge at the intermediate level


  • Identify characteristics of the advanced bodyboarder
  • Predict bodyboarding conditions based on weather conditions and geographical land formations.
  • Choose a bodyboard and accessories based on your personal attributes, skill and the conditions
  • Identify techniques to generate speed and power
  • Identify methods to negotiate advanced waves
  • Identify safe take-off techniques
  • Identify correct exiting of waves and wipeout techniques
  • Catch and ride waves demonstrating linking of advanced bodyboarding manoeuvres

       Bodyboarding Manoeuvres

  • Air
  • ARS (Air, Roll, Spin)
  • Tube riding
  • Back flip
  • Drop knee (slash, tail slide, floater)
  • Standing up


ASI Advanced Bodyboarder Achievement Certificate

OR (as applicable) Australian Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Statement of Attainment