ASI Learn to BodyBoard Courses

Learning to bodyboard is easier than ever. We've developed 3 levels of bodyboarding skill and knowledge, setting a new industry standard.

Do you want to learn to Bodyboard?  ASI Bodyboard courses are available at ASI Accredited Bodyboarding Schools.

Learn from the best, choose ASI everytime.

Beginner Bodyboarder

Trim and perform small turns along the bottom half of broken or peeling waves up to 1 ½ feet (½ metre).
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Intermediate Bodyboarder


Perform intermediate level bodyboarding manoeuvres,in the top half of the wave, below the lip, in surf 3ft (1 metre).
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Advanced Bodyboarder


Perform advanced level bodyboarding manoeuvres, above the lip in surf 4ft (1.3 metres) to 6ft (2 metres)
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